Pretoria Immaculate Pools

Pretoria Immaculate Pools

IMMACULATE POOLS WE offer a variety of pebble and glass interiors. This is very popular due to its durability and versatility with respect to colours and shades. We transform your tired old pool into the pride of your backyard.


Your swimming pool interior can be finished in a number of different methods to suit your budget: Fully Tiled, Colour Quartz and Pebble/glass bead.

Waterline tiles are the interior tiles that are found in between the top pavers (coping) and the pool interior. Not every pool has waterline tiles, however the benefit in waterline tiles is that they have the function of masking stains that can mark pool interiors. A pool with waterline tiles will generally looks cleaner for longer in comparison to a pool without waterline tiles.

Pool Tiling -

Before replacing, repairing or reattaching tiles for your pool or spa, it’s important to determine the root cause of the problem. If there is an underlying problem, this needs to be fixed first.

Tiles might fall off because of their age or the original adhesive weakening. However, this could be due to;

- Drainage issues

- Ground movement

- Leaks behind the tile

- Cracks behind the tile


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Pretoria Immaculate Pools

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