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Pretoria Immaculate Pools

IMMACULATE POOLS WE offer a variety of pebble and glass interiors. This is very popular due to its durability and versatility with respect to colours and shades. We transform your...

Arlene's Pool Service

Arlene's Pool Services are a friendly team for all your Plett pool maintenance needs. With 19 years experience behind them they know exactly what your pool needs to keep it...

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How can a pool cleaning specialist be of help to me?

With South Africa’s beautiful climate, it is no wonder that many homeowners choose to incorporate a swimming pool into their outdoor living spaces. During the long, hot summers, a swimming pool becomes the central hub around which much of our entertaining revolves, particularly if there are children involved. Keeping a pool looking its best and maintaining the correct and safe pH balance of the water is not a job for the faint-hearted, however, and many home-owners are at a loss as to how to keep their pools in top condition. This is where the services of a pool cleaning specialist are called for.

What do pool cleaning specialists do?

Pool cleaning specialists are extremely knowledgeable and versatile experts whose skills extend far beyond simply maintaining the cleanliness and pH balance of pools. There are many different materials used in the manufacture and building of a pool, from concrete, fibreglass, plaster, natural stone or mosaics. Whatever the material used, wear and tear, exposure to the elements and even the growth of large tree roots near to the pool can damage the pool, causing cracks and leaks and making the pool unsightly or even unusable. It is not only the pool structures themselves which fail at times, but also the filters, pump motors and other mechanical working parts. Whilst most pool owners are able to do the basic maintenance, usually with the help of a mechanical in-pool suction cleaning apparatus which cleans out dirt, debris and leaves from the bottom and sides of the pool, there are times when the problems simply become too big or complex for an amateur to fix. And let’s face it - whilst we may love having a pool and the enjoyment it brings, very few of us are skilled enough to do more than just basic cleaning and maintenance. Whatever your problem may be, a pool cleaning specialist should easily be able to tackle problems with any type of pool, including spa pools and Jacuzzis.

Pool water turned green? Call in the experts!

How many times have pool owners faced problems with finding the water in their pool an uninviting cloudy green colour, perhaps after a rainstorm or if they have been away from the property for some time? This can be caused by the pH balance of the pool being disturbed, or the growth of algae in the water. If the pool is not treated manually on a daily basis with the correct chemicals to maintain the water’s neutral balance (between alkalinity and acidity), it will allow for the growth of algae and make swimming in the pool a health hazard, especially for young children and those with asthma. The ideal balance for a freshwater pool should be 7.4, as this is the same as the pH in the human eyes and mucus membranes, and provides the best environment for chlorine to provide a sanitary environment by killing algae. There are also saltwater pools which, through a salt cell or generator, produce their own chlorine from dissolved salt (sodium chloride) in the water.

The nicety of these pools is that there is no strong chlorine smell in the water. A salt chlorinator should ideally be able to process your entire pool water at least every twelve hours or twice in a 24 hour period. If a fresh- or salt-water system fails, and there could be any number of reasons for this, you need to ask the pool cleaning specialists to assist.

Cracks appearing? Got a leak? Pool looking grimy?

Pool cleaning specialists are also happy to undertake the many different aspects of keeping a pool at its best. Their services may include, amongst others : 

  • Acid washing, by stripping off a thin layer of plaster from the surface, removing stains which have built up over time from chlorine, algae, minerals, and dirt, and bringing a fresh new appearance to the surface of the pool. This should not be a regular occurrence, as it will strip off layers which will ultimately lead to degradation of the pool surface.
  • Repair of cracks and broken plaster or concrete.
  • Routine service schedules, maintenance of pumps and filters, troubleshooting.
  • On-site water analysis and treatment.
  • Holiday maintenance, particularly over long periods.
  • Painting of pools.
  • Pre-checks of and reports on existing pools prior to purchase of the property.
  • Supply and fitment of heating pumps or solar water heaters servicing the pool.
  • Sand-filter overhauls. 
  • Once-off checking and cleaning of pools which have been unattended for a long time.

How to find the right pool cleaning specialist for your needs

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

As with many industries, pool cleaning specialists are slowly making their presence known through online advertising. Anyone with a computer will automatically head first to the internet to find suppliers, services and information, and sites like Uptasker will provide a great deal of help in this regard. Uptasker lists according to specific geographical areas, which is extremely useful, as well as providing online ratings and customer reviews where possible. A supplier’s ratings and customer reviews should never be ignored, especially if you are using a particular supplier for the first time. Pool cleaning specialists may be located by checking their advertisements in house and home magazines and brochures, home expos, “special offer” flyers, newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages. If you know someone who has a well looked-after pool, by all means ask for recommendations and tips as well as for the name of the specialist they use.

Top pool cleaning specialist tips

Top pool cleaning specialist tips

Your swimming or spa pool is there to provide you with enjoyment and relaxation for many years, and will do so easily if cared for correctly. On a daily basis, maintenance is a quick and easy task which should take little of your time, but when things inevitably go wrong and the problems become too much for you to handle alone, ask for the help of the specialists who can resolve such problems easily through their knowledge, expertise and skills. Why struggle when you have help at hand to get you back into your pool as quickly as possible? For more tips, see our pool cleaning specialist articles.

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Pretoria East Immaculate Pools Cleaning Service & Repairs

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