Pinnacle Business Consulting

Pinnacle Business Consulting

Pinnacle Business Consulting is a Johannesburg based consulting firm providing a full suite of accounting, tax, advisory and commercial mediation services to startup, small and medium sized businesses in any industry. Although based in Johannesburg, we are able to assist clients anywhere in South Africa.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a customer hire you over another service provider?

We are dedicated to service excellence and quality advice. Each of our clients are assigned a dedicated accountant. Our prices are transparent and affordable. We offer fast turn-around times on queries.

What experience, skills, qualifications or training do you have to make you the right person for the job?

Our Accountants are university graduates, SAIBA registered business accountants as well as SAIT and SARS registered tax practitioners. We are committed to continuous learning and regularly attend training/seminars on various accounting and tax related matters.

Is there a particular aspect of your trade or industry that you specialise in?

We specialise in assisting startups, small and medium sized businesses with their accounting and tax matters.

How do you normally charge for your service?

We offer our services at a structured fixed monthly fee which provides for a variety of services. We also offer ad-hoc services if so required at a competitive fee. Lastly we can also provide a business analysis and propose a roadmap to achieving full compliance.

What makes your pricing competitive?

We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality service and advice whilst still maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace by means of incorporating a multitude of value-added benefits/services which are included in our offering.

Are there any special offers you would like to offer to Uptasker customers?

Existing clients who successfully refer new clients to us, qualify for a discount on their monthly fees.

How can a customer save money before you start the work? Please give 3 tips

Once we engage with potential customers, we will be able to make recommendations to save on costs.

What are the typical things that you need to know before you can provide a quote to a customer?

We are required to know what the annual turnover is, how many staff members are employed by the company, whether records and returns are up to date and how many estimated transactions the business incurs monthly.

Are you an insured business and do you guarantee your work?

We are in possession of Professional Liability insurance and provide guarantees for our services.

What questions should a customer ask to hire the right service professional?

The clients should establish whether the professional has capacity to timeously assist the client with his/her requirements. The client should also enquire whether the professional is registered with an industry regulating body.

What makes you the most reliable and trustworthy person for the job?

Our core values are Integrity, Excellence, Precision and Dedication. We uphold a strong code of ethics and endeavour to always conduct ourselves with integrity. We dedicate ourselves to excellence therefore we work with precision and focus on quality rather than quantity. You can be assured you will never just be a number with us.

Pinnacle Business Consulting

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