Mike Chawinga Gardener Services

Mike Chawinga Gardener Services

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Im mike chawinga from malawi am looking for jobs as a garden or cleaning house.


  • Ali's review
    Apr 9, 2024
    Hello Mike Chawinga. Apparently several people are looking for you to recover money you stole claiming they were loans, although you had no intention of ever repaying them. Others including police want to question you about stolen goods. Also Dept of Home Affairs has questions about your permits and visas because of possible involvement in criminal activity.
  • Ali hired Mike Chawinga Gardener Services

    Jan 16, 2024
    Job Type: Gardener
    Location: Cape Town, Western Cape
    Job Description: Do you have a used borehole pump for sale?.
    Ali's review
    Feb 12, 2024
    No response received. Been advised to be cautious as the service provider's honesty is questionable.


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Mike Chawinga Gardener Services

Constantia, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7806