Magnum Security Alarms

Magnum Security Alarms

Magnum Alarms & Cables was established in April 1987 with the sole purpose of providing security systems to the public, the market readily accepted our services & later that year we branched out into vehicle security systems as well. We Specialize in providing protection in the following order:

People First
Possessions Second

By this we mean that we design systems which provide full perimeter protection, which enables us to detect an intruder at the earliest opportunity and also before they manage to penetrate the walls of your home. An added bonus of this type of system is that you are able to Arm the system in the evenings, yet still are able to move freely around the home, your home does not become your prison yet you are secure. This enables you to sleep soundly at night secure in the knowledge that you will be alerted to any attempt at penetrating your living space as well as the rooms of your kids. We offer the following Lines of defense against intrusion, and they can be added in any order, starting with the 5th line moving to the 1st.


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Magnum Security Alarms

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