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Global Technology is a one stop technology shop in Johannesburg. We supply a number of related technical services such as: CCTV, garage door and gate automation, electric fencing, home automation...

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Jerry DSTV Installation And Signal Repair provides security & alarm systems services in Cosmo City, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Elvey is a leading solutions provider and distribution partner to the residential and corporate security marketplace. Our mission is to enhance the security, control and intelligence, within both the home...

“HOUSE of SHALON is your local CCTV installer specialist. We design, install and maintain security equipment in your home or business anywhere in SOUTH AFRICA. We pride ourselves on our...

The GP Security Gates & Burglar Bars Randburg work on one objective, which is major protection of our customers. We, as a security service firm offer the most long-lasting security...

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Types of security and alarm systems

Anyone who is concerned about protecting their home, business premises or possessions, especially in areas where crime is prevalent, will likely invest in a security and alarm system. There are various types of security and alarm systems, ranging from the basic armed response when the alarm is triggered, to the more sophisticated systems which may be monitored by the users themselves. The choice of system can easily be adapted to suit each individual’s requirements and budget.

Modern security systems are extremely sophisticated, and some of them even allow the users to control or “automate” their homes from remote locations via linked smart phones. Users can personally monitor their homes from work or whilst on holiday through strategically placed closed circuit cameras, to assure themselves that all is well.

Advantages of security systems

Having a security and alarm system has many advantages for the homeowner. It will undoubtedly reduce the cost of insurance premiums, alert the potential intruder that the home is secured and monitored and therefore deter a spontaneous break-in, allow for quicker response to emergencies by the security company or the police, provide assurance that the premises is safe to enter after dark, help prevent vehicle hijacking in your own driveway, and provide a “panic button” for immediate response if the occupant is surprised by an intruder.

A system may be set so as not to sound an audible alarm when triggered and therefore not alert the intruder, but instead sends a direct radio signal to the security company. It may alternatively activate a siren which emits a loud, piercing alarm which is useful if the security company is unable to immediately reach the premises for any reason. This is often enough to scare off an intruder before help can arrive.

How to choose the right security and alarm company

There are many well-known names in the security industry, which provides the home or business owner with a wide choice when it comes to choosing the right company, but it is always recommended that you read online reviews in your particular geographical area to see which companies have the fastest response rate and highest satisfaction ratings from clients. Word of mouth is often the wisest method of selecting the security company which will suit your individual needs, as you will have first-hand personal recommendations. It is obviously better to steer clear of any companies which might have poor write-ups and slow response rates. During the initial consultation, ensure that the company can provide you with all of the specific requirements you ask for, or can provide reasonable and viable alternative suggestions.

Top security and alarm system tips

Top security and alarm system tips

Never take your, your family’s or your employees’ safety for granted. Never assume that locks and gates will be enough to protect you from intrusion, or that you are in an area where crime does not happen. Be safe, and protect yourself, those around you and your belongings through a security company which ensures your safety at all times. For more tips, see our security and alarm systems articles.

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Handyman services security services CCTV specialist . Securing your family and home is my Passion Services Provided building contractors, handyman services, painting contractors, cctv installers, security services, handyman, waterproofing, welding...

Kuruman NC
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We do Residential and Commercial alarm systems,gate motors,garage doors,Electric fence ,intercoms and Cctv cameras We guarantee quality services at affordable prices. Try us and you will never regret. LEAVE YOUR...

Kuruman NC
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We do service and installation of the followings Dstv Cctv Gate motor Garrage motor Electric fence Call/whatsapp 0682064458

GP Security Gates & Burglar Bars Pretoria is a security system supplier that manufactures and installs security gates, trellis gates and burglar bars. We handle several security services and installations....

Extreme Security offers monitoring of any security alarm system (residential or commercial) throughout Port Elizabeth but, responding to emergencies restricted to our target driven areas only. To find out if...

KEM Integrated Security Solutions is one of South Africa’s most efficient security company ensuring continuous ‘PEACE OF MIND’ through our superior service and customized security implementations for our clients, through...

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Services ✔ security services & systems

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