Eddie's Painting

Eddie's Painting

For all your interior and exterior painting contact us. Experience and professionalism is advantageous to your property


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a customer hire you over another service provider?

We offer diverse and perfection to suite the client's vision

What experience, skills, qualifications or training do you have to make you the right person for the job?

We are one of the best painting teams who knows exactly what to do.

Is there a particular aspect of your trade or industry that you specialise in?

Yes im specialising in renovation and new buildings servicing

How do you normally charge for your service?

Depending on how big the job is. Bigger jobs has discounts

What makes your pricing competitive?

Because im also accepting negotiations

Are there any special offers you would like to offer to Uptasker customers?

Depends on how big the job is

How can a customer save money before you start the work? Please give 3 tips

The customer must save by buying all materials before job begins, save more than charged amount to avoid regrets when willing to add more job

What are the typical things that you need to know before you can provide a quote to a customer?

1) Size of the job 2) Is the area ready for service or need preparation 3) Client's rules at his/her property

Are you an insured business and do you guarantee your work?

Im not insured but i guarantee my work

What questions should a customer ask to hire the right service professional?

Experience and references

What makes you the most reliable and trustworthy person for the job?

Because i always put my clients first. Quality is far much better than quantity and pay

Eddie's Painting

Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng, 2191