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Veruschka 3 weeks ago
Location Remote
When I'm flexible
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Good day

Could you please provide me with a quotation for the following:

-Content upload (large initially) and constant over every month
(including sourcing free high quality images)
-Create a sign up page
-Generate promotional codes for those who sign up
-Subscription options for subscribers such as 1 month 10% discount, or other discounts
-Online payment as well as SMS option
-SEO and CDN
-Report system on clicks subscribers profile
-Use of captcha on forms etc
-Live twitter feed
-Live chat option
-Google Analytics or what methods are available for collection site data
-Convert HTML to Wordpress

Please note this is a rough outline. Could you please provide me with an estimate. Would there be a once off fee? If so how much? However this is an ongoing project which will require monthly work - is there any way
to provide with a monthly estimate or retainer option please? Thank you for your time. Kind regards,.

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