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Hii There I wanted to Print T shirts This Friday...Soo
Firstly I'd wanted the Logo Brand To be In a different font but a person must be able to see what's written

Secondly I wanted to make the logo Brand With different colors cause it's Going to be in different colors of shirts but colors must Rhyme together and the logo must have outside shadow if possible
Thirdly ways of where to put the logos and how I wanted the logo must be at the back of a shirt and it must big the the Slogan of the brand will be in the front.....and I Also wanted to print it on a Siide in front of a shirt but the logo must be Small some Shirts are only Going right The Slogan.

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When: ASAP, next few days
Job Description: Good day I need a black v-neck t-shirt printed with glitter print, with an LOL doll pic and 6 for my daughters birthday. Can anyone assit by Friday/Saturday?.
Nov 23, 2021