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Justin C.
1 year ago
Location Newlands, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7700 View map
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Please could you share a quote with us to have 100 coffee mugs branded? The mug will be a solid blue, with the letters 'Ctrl' in white and a full stop (.) in green. Final print-ready files will be shared with you prior to printing. Are you able to share 2 x costs: one including mugs & one excluding mugs? Thanks,.

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When: ASAP, next few days
Job Description: Printing of a5 flyers (2types/diffrent artwork) A total quantity of 24000 a5 flyers Format and paper : A5 size, portrait, full color print(140x210mm) 135gsm gloss Double sided print Flyer 1: English/Afrikaans Qty: 16000 Flyer 2: English/Xhosa Qty: 8000.
Apr 12, 2024