Plumber Job - Durban, KZN, 4052

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4 days ago
Location Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, 4052 View map
When ASAP, next few days
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Toilet Leaks to be fixed x3
Broken toilet seat x1
Toilet ceiling to be replaced x1
Flushing handle loose x2
Flushing system to be replaced x1
Blocked urinary x1
Damaged taps x2
Leaking sinks pipes x1.

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When: ASAP, next few days
Job Description: My en-suite shower seems to have a leak somewhere. After a shower there is always a huge puddle of water on the floor between the step and the cupboard. I need someone to have a look and suggest a solution.
Feb 26, 2021
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When: I'm flexible
Job Description: Plumber needed for installation of storm water drainage. Due to heavy rain experienced last night and any other days before that, it has been identified that there needs to be a storm water drainage as the water stays put on the verandah blocking the driveway, back and front yards. At some instances the water gets into the house through the...
Feb 25, 2021