Plumber Job - Motherwell 4, EC, 6211

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1 week ago
Location Motherwell 4, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6211 View map
When ASAP, next few days
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There is a leak on the bathroom sink and outside tap then the toilet doesn't flush enough water.

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When: Next few weeks
Job Description: Leaking shower, causing damp wall, crumbling grouting and darkened tiles. Need shower fixed. Need damp proofing of wet wall.
Oct 23, 2021
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When: ASAP, next few days
Job Description: I need a sink that is built into a desk. The whole will be pre cut. Just need a price on a small basing and a tap. Its for a hearing aid lab.
Oct 18, 2021
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When: I'm flexible
Job Description: Copper pipes were stolen now the water is running non stop.
Oct 1, 2021