Plumber Job - Springs, GP, 1559

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Surrender M.
2 days ago
Location Springs, Gauteng, 1559 View map
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I need assistance with the installation of the stove.

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Posted by
Marie-Louise L.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: There is a leak at the toilet and the shower as well.
Jul 12, 2024
Posted by
Genny S.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: Both my toilets need attention, 1st toilet the handle does not come up automatically once flushed, 2nd toilet has a leak at the connection going into the wall and is leaking into the bowl.
Jul 11, 2024
Posted by
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: Hi, i have a LG top loader washing machine that is not spinning. I think it might need a bearing. How much do you charge? Thank you.
Jul 9, 2024