Dog Training Job - Brentwood Park, WC, 7100

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Robert M.
4 days ago
Location Brentwood Park, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7100 View map
When I'm flexible
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Got my pup XGermen Shepard this week. She is about 7 weeks old. When is the perfect time to start a behavioural course for her. If you can send a quote please. Thank you, much appreciated.

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Posted by
Ilse R.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: I have two Schnauzers (ages 6 and 5) who are biological brothers. The brother, aged 5, joined our family 6 months ago. He is not used to walking on a leash and wants to attack every single dog that passes us on our walks. He also pees in the house even when I take him out for a late night...
Jan 13, 2022
Posted by
When: Next few weeks
Job Description: My bullterrier is 2 and a half years old but pulls me when we walk ( we exercise daily), screams when she sees other dogs and always demands attention.
Jan 12, 2022
Posted by
Dean W.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: I need to have my dog not to be so active and jumping onto everyone, she gets very distracted and I can walk with her freely in public places.
Jan 10, 2022