DJ Job - The Reeds, GP, 0157

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Elmarie L.
2 years ago
Location The Reeds, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0157 View map
When I'm flexible
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Kindly provide me with a quotation for the hiring of a DJ, service required on Friday, 2 July 2021 07H00 - 14H00
Event at:
317 Mark Street, Charl Cilliers, Mpumalanga, 2301.

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Zerelda A.
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Job Description: What are you have skill i am deaf i can did vice fro sign.
Apr 8, 2024
Posted by
Sunel P.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: In need of DJ services. Have our own equipment for the hall but need speakers with batteries for the outside part of the event. Also looking for lights and low smoke machine.
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