Auto Electrician Job - Parklands, WC, 7441

Posted by
Trevor A.
1 week ago
Location Parklands, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7441 View map
When ASAP, next few days
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Engine does not turn over. Starter or solenoid.

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Posted by
Titus C.
When: Emergency
Job Description: My car waterpump broke, was replaced. Fan switch burned and was also replaced. The plug to the fan is broken, fan didnt switch off.
Nov 27, 2023
Posted by
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: Hi I have ĺost my spare key and I suspect that the key is found by someone in my neighbourhood. I want to change the ignition or both ignition and door locks.
Nov 21, 2023
Posted by
Taunia B.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: My car does not want to start mechanic did a Dianostic on the car and said due to the immobilizer that is not working the computer box is off.
Nov 15, 2023