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Dgojbvccjo provides window frosting & tinting services in Sandhurst, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Absolute Tinting provides window frosting & tinting services in East London, Eastern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

With a decade experience in the industry, John (operations director) armed with vast technical knowledge of architectural window films, has the necessary expertise to offer solutions to your solar control...

Tinting Company Mossel Bay provides window frosting & tinting services in Dana Bay, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

At Mr Tint we pride ourselves on our quality and expert service and advise we have on offer. We are a one stop shop for all you tinting and safety...

Deco Frost creates and installs transparent, translucent, solid or frosted bespoke glass graphics for use in a range of situations and locations in your home and office. Choose from the...

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Are your windows letting in too much heat? Want to make them more attractive? You need a Window Frosting & Tinting Specialist.

Glass is possibly one of the most versatile materials that mankind has developed, and is widely used in the corporate, commercial, residential and automobile world. But whilst glass is brilliant at keeping out dust, allergens, wind, insects and other pests, it does have certain drawbacks when it comes to retaining or dispersing the heat in buildings and vehicles. Clear glass gives us an unimpaired view of everything around us but does nothing in the way of keeping out the sun’s harmful UV rays. On its own, glass is a poor insulator against heat and cold, and it is estimated that up to one-third of a building’s or vehicle’s heat or cooling are lost through glass windows and doors. 

What is the point of window tinting and frosting?


From a purely health perspective, it is well known that extended exposure to harmful UV rays accelerates the aging process, causes skin to wrinkle and can lead to skin cancer, all of which are a concern to those who are in their vehicles for long periods every day. Window tinting can block more than 99% of these UV rays, and with the summers becoming hotter due to global warming, this is definitely a good reason to consider having your vehicle windows tinted. Tinted windows also assist in keeping vehicle interiors cooler, and prevent cracking and fading of upholstery, seats, dashboards and consoles. Are your sunglasses simply not doing the job when driving in blazing sunshine, and making it difficult for you to drive safely? Window tints on vehicle windows have the advantage of substantially reducing blinding glare from the outside, which can cause a dangerous distraction and result in additional eye strain. Window tints also provide more privacy for the occupants and their belongings, although it must be said that a reputable window tinting specialist will never apply a tint which is so dark that it makes it difficult to see out clearly. Most window tints are a soft grey or brownish hue, which is restful on the eyes. Frosting, on the other hand, is more of a decorative application, usually seen on rear windows, often incorporating company logos, but which allows the driver a clear view from the interior of the vehicle.  


Window tinting and frosting have many applications, from cutting out harmful UV rays to providing more privacy or simple decorative accents to any windows. Window panels on front doors are often frosted, sometimes with a specific design of the owner’s choice, providing privacy as well as an eye-catching aesthetic appeal and allowing valuable light in. Nobody really wants a front door that provides a clear and unobstructed view of the interior of the home, but neither curtains nor blinds are practical as they can be bulky and unsightly.  

Tinted windows are extremely useful in cutting out harsh UV light which fades hardwood floors, carpets, and furniture, as well as curtains.  Many restaurants with large windows have opted for tinted window blinds which can be lowered or raised as required, but which can be problematic in windy conditions if there are opening windows. They can also become damaged with use and begin to look unsightly, which is where a bonded window film tint has a distinct advantage. In terms of privacy, window tints can be produced in a silver finish on the outer side which acts as a mirror to the outside world and provides total privacy for those within. An additional advantage of window tints or frosting is that it is semi-permanently attached to the glass, allowing you to have windows and doors open in breezy weather without curtains flapping everywhere. 

What is a window tint? Is frosting similar?

A window tint is a micro-thin film which is bonded to the window and is transparent from the inside, allowing you to see without the glare from the sun. Because it is an additional covering over the glass, this film is able to significantly lower heat build-up from outside as well as preventing heat loss during the colder months. Window tints allow you to enjoy the view without having to close curtains or blinds against the sun, and can reduce glare by as much as 80% or more. A thicker heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives may also be very effectively be used as an additional barrier on a window, preventing the glass from being smashed in a burglary attempt and protecting you from flying glass shards should the window suffer severe damage. Window frosting works along the same lines, but gives you a frosted finish to your window, with a design either formed by clear glass within the frosted area, or the frosting itself forming the design. Either way, the effect is visually appealing whilst providing a greater degree of privacy. 

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You will definitely find these specialists through adverts placed in House and Home magazines, general décor publications and even some architectural publications, as well as motor-vehicle magazines. They may advertise at Home Expos and will be found through traditional methods such as searching the Yellow Pages, through flyers offering specials, or by asking builders and vehicle dealerships for their recommendations. A quick and efficient way of sourcing these specialists is through internet searches, particularly if you use a search site such as Uptasker, which will list all those specialists in your immediate area, if listed. Uptasker gives you the option of ‘one-click’ links to websites (if available) and the ability to obtain online quotes. More importantly, Uptasker provides online ratings and customer reviews, which are always a good pointer as to the service and quality you can expect from any specialist in any field. And then, of course, there are good old-fashioned word-of-mouth referrals, if you can obtain these.

Top window frosting and tinting specialist tips

Top window frosting and tinting specialist tips

With the costs of keeping our homes, commercial and corporate workplaces cool in the summer and warm during the winter months, it makes sense to supplement traditional cooling and heating methods by making use of window tinting applications. Window frosting provides an additional privacy factor, as well as allowing us to add subtle décor elements – and even logos – to our windows at the same time. Perhaps, equally so, our vehicles also need the advantages that window tinting offers in cooling, preserving heat and protecting the interiors from harsh UV rays, as well as making our driving experience more comfortable and safer. For more tips, see our window frosting and tinting specialist articles.

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Secunda MP
Okpvhjioio provides window frosting & tinting services in Secunda, Mpumalanga and surrounding suburbs.

Bay Tinting provides window frosting & tinting services in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Exclusive Window Frosting provides window frosting & tinting services in Mahikeng, North West and surrounding suburbs.

Felixglassworx provides window frosting & tinting services in Swellendam, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

We do window frosting, tinting, wallpaper, fridge wraps, vehicle wraps, custom design e.t.c

Mthatha EC
Kwantu Glass provides window frosting & tinting services in Mthatha, Eastern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Bophelo Skhosana Graphic Solution Pty Ltd provides window frosting & tinting services in Centurion, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Solar Screen Bloem Window Tinting provides window frosting & tinting services in Bloemfontein, Free State and surrounding suburbs.

Richards Bay provides window frosting & tinting services in Esikhawini H, KwaZulu-Natal and surrounding suburbs.

We specialize in wind screen replacements and tinting. Machine Polishing and Auto detailing

Bluemax Window Tinting is a registered and a professional window tinting company, we give quality services with long lasting material in affordable prices. We do vehicle window tinting, industrial and...

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