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Natal Pest Services

All our services are guaranteed in writing and in the unlikelihood of a re-infestation within the guaranteed period we will re-treat the area on a no-charge basis. Natal Pest Services...

Pest Control Cape Town

Pest Control Cape Town - Have a Pest Problem? NO Problem! Call us today for a FREE quote. Quick Service - 100% Quality Guaranteed :)


We offer a range of domestic pest control solutions, including:cockroach control, rodent control, ant control, flea control, bird control and many more. Effective commercial pest control entails a holistic approach...

Pest Go

PestGo offers specialised structural pest control in the retail, commercial, industrial and residential sectors expanding to Cape peninsula & surroundings.

Pest Control Durban

Pest Control Durban - Have a Pest Problem? NO Problem! Call us today for a FREE quote. Quick Service - 100% Quality Guaranteed :)

Rentokil Initial

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When is pest control needed?

A pest control specialist is the person to call when the pest problem is too large for the home or business owner to resolve on his own. Removing pests may sometimes not only prove too difficult but may also be dangerous for someone without adequate skill, experience and knowledge to tackle.

What can a pest control specialist help with?

A pest control specialist is an exterminator or removal expert who is both qualified and experienced in removing pests from various areas such as residential homes, business premises, restaurants, factories or food preparation and storage areas such as butcheries and shops. Have you ever walked down an aisle in your grocery store and seen the occasional cockroach running for cover? Contrary to often-held opinion, cockroaches are not attracted only to dirty areas, but can be found in the cleanest of premises as well. They are a common problem in South Africa, and are sometimes extremely difficult to eradicate.

Stop a pest problem before it gets out of control

Other pest problems may be due to the presence of mice or rats, wasps or bees building their nests close to doors and windows, flea and ant infestations (which are extremely prevalent during the hot summer months), bed bugs, termites and even birds such as pigeons building their nests in chimney spaces or other roof areas. It is important to remember that bees, in particular, should be safely relocated and not harmed. Similarly, birds should be discouraged or blocked from nesting in undesirable areas, but there is no need for them to be exterminated.

When an unskilled and inexperienced person attempts to eradicate a pest infestation, it is usually by putting down poison which is not pet- or eco-friendly and may be accidentally consumed by dogs or cats, or picked up by toddlers.

More far-reaching effects could be the deaths of owls or other birds which prey on pests such as mice and ingest the poison when they eat the affected mice. Putting down poison is always a risky undertaking which has to be carefully monitored. Pest control specialists are skilled in the setting of traps and the safe placement of poison so as not to endanger children or pets.

Fleas and bug infestations

It is not always possible to clear flea or other bug infestations by putting down commercially available powders or spraying the areas affected, since the breeding cycle is already entrenched and the eggs will be constantly hatching. Fleas are constantly on the move, usually in the fur of your pets, and are often widely dispersed in your carpets, soft furnishings, pet bedding and even in your own bed. Sometimes the property has to be chemically “bombed” with pesticides which are able to cover all affected areas simultaneously and wipe out the breeding cycle. This is definitely a job best left for the professionals, particularly in open-plan homes where the food areas cannot be isolated from the rest of the house.

How to find the best pest control specialist 

Check their ratings and customer reviews

Many pest control companies advertise their services in newspapers, home catalogues, flyers and via the internet. Whilst many will be experienced in all areas of pest control, it is likely that some companies will specialise in specific areas, such as bee removal and relocation. Ask friends or acquaintances or go with word of mouth referrals when choosing a specialist for your particular needs. If searching on the internet, be sure to check the reviews posted by previous clients. Uptasker is a reliable and informative source for online reviews.

Top pest control tips

Top pest control tips

It is advisable not to try and tackle a pest infestation yourself where large amounts of poison are required, or where the attempted removal of the infestation may lead to the injury of an unskilled or inexperienced person. Always call the specialists who will undertake the job in a professional manner and, in addition, provide you with a pest control certificate once the problem has been resolved. For more tips see our pest control articles. 

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Pest Worx

Durban KZN
About us: Pest Worx Durban All our Pest Control treatments are targeted and species specific. This means that we will identify the exact species of Rodent or Insect and target...

PTA Pest Control

Have a Pest Problem? NO Problem! Call PEST CONTROL PRETORIA today for a FREE quote. Same Day Service - 100% Quality Guaranteed :)


In Need of General Pest Control Services? We Have the Solution For You! We are known as Insect-O (Pty) ltd engaged in offering General Pest Control Service & Borer Beetle...


WELCOME TO PESTATERMITE We are servicing your area daily! We have over 31 years of experience in the industry. ​The chemicals we use are government and SABS/SANS approved. All our...

386 Weir St Pretoria Gardens Pretoria 0082 -

ll Hours Pest Control has been serving the South Africa community since 1994. We specialize in fumigation of all export cargo, business and home properties ect,…, and our staff offers...


My approach differ form most of the companies in respect off pest control. I have personal supervision on work done. A compiled report is drafted on completion of each service....

Pest Exterminators

Pest Exterminators offer pest control in Cape Town.We specialize in the complete control of pest and rodents in Cape Town.All our services are guaranteed and we use effective solutions. We...

Pest Control Johannesburg

Pest Control Johannesburg - Have a Pest Problem? NO Problem! Call us today for a FREE quote. Quick Service - 100% Quality Guaranteed :)

Pest Busters Western Province

If you are in need of expert pest control in Cape Town and its immediate surrounds, you have come to the right place! Pest Busters WP is a professional pest...

Lydenburg Pest Control

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Eazipest Pest Control

Eazipest provide a variety of treatments that effectively deal with your pest problems. Our highly skilled team have all the necessary training to offer you the most excellent service to...

Central Fumigation

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