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Perhaps it's for yourself or your business, or perhaps you represent an agency. In either case, if you are needing to work with a process-oriented developer who works to a pixel-perfect standard while keeping a close eye on the budget, then look no futher.. I fulfil these requirements, and the result will be sturdy, yet fast and versatile. I'm based in Cape Town, South Africa, and I work for satisfied clients around the world. Let's get started..

2colour Bean Graphic Design And Web Design Cape Town

Muizenberg, Cape Town, WC (3.5km from Kalk Bay)
We’re a graphic design agency in Cape Town. We believe your idea has the potential to change the world. But you need a professional logo to standout and a website to effectively market to your niche. And there’s no better way to present your brand than simple. This is why we design unique logos to make sure your brand stands out and design SEO optimised websites to make sure your company is visibly enough online to reach people at scale. We’re here to help if you’re looking for a graphic design agency in Cape Town that can help you with...

Trycode Web Development

Muizenberg, Cape Town, WC (7km from Kalk Bay)
We’re Web Developers in Cape Town, South Africa …and we build professional custom websites. We also give our clients Content Management Systems (CMS) so they can easily maintain their own websites with no experience needed. We believe in building websites that look pro, so your customers pick you over the competition. But at the same time we believe a website should be simple and easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for without having to learn how your website works. In other words it should be in a format they’re familiar with. We also run a regular coding blog...

Oonie Cape Town

Wynberg, Cape Town, WC (13.5km from Kalk Bay)
Oonie is the best multi-faceted web company in Cape Town. We design and develop beautiful websites, do efficient SEO, and handle great PPC campaigns and online marketing and training. So whether you want a website, great SEO results, awesome PPC; or you struggling to get enough online enquiries and sales from your website – boost your sales through SEO and PPC

Jeanny Designs Pty Ltd

Claremont, Cape Town, WC (16.1km from Kalk Bay)
JDesigns was created to help SA Small Businesses grow with affordable website design, logo design, social media advertising, business portfolios, and marketing techniques. Let me help your business grow !

Jeanny Designs Pty Ltd

Claremont, Cape Town, WC (16.1km from Kalk Bay)
JDesigns was created to help SA Small Businesses grow with affordable website design, logo design, social media advertising, business portfolios, and marketing techniques. Let me help your business grow !

Jeanny Designs

Claremont, Cape Town, WC (16.1km from Kalk Bay)
JDesigns is a full service web design agency based in Cape Town. We specialise in Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management, Marketing and WordPress. We can create your perfect brand, build outstanding websites that are professional, mobile friendly, fast and stunning to look at. We offer expert services to help you build an online presence. We will help you implement digital marketing strategies complete with network building, social media marketing, search engine marketing and so much more. Affordable, quality services that you can trust.

Big Web Media Rondebosch

Rondebosch, Cape Town, WC (19.2km from Kalk Bay)
We are Big Web Media, a Cape Town-based agency specialising in search engine optimisation, web design and development. We work with all brands, big and small and we want to change the way business owners acquire and keep customers.

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Types of web design and development services

Mobile development & design

Mobile web developers will help you realise your design for the mobile platform. Also see the mobile app developers service category. Note that mobile app development and web development, although intricately linked, are different. Web developers typically build websites that display HTML and are intended to run (originally at least) on browsers on desktops. If the website is designed responsively (using a responsive framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation, for example), they will also display correctly on mobile browsers.

An app on the other hand, is exclusively designed to run only on the mobile platform. Startup tip: Unless your idea is a purely app-only idea, start off with a mobile-friendly website before spending substantial money on getting a mobile app developed. Many companies believe they simply must have an app to keep up with the times and while an app is useful for many businesses, for some types of business it makes less sense (think Colgate toothpaste).

User experience/UX designer

UX designers concern themselves with the overall experience of the user. Well versed in web design and process flow, they will conduct a series of tests - usually using prototyping tools - on different devices to ensure users are happy whichever platform they might be using. UX designers are usually used early on in the web development process, as their findings will dictate what the web developer will need to implement to make your ideas come to reality.

Animation developer

These developers usually use programming languages such as Adobe Flash or HTML5 with Javascript to bring your animation ideas to life.

Ideal for dynamic content in the fields of advertising, marketing, games or other applications, animation developers can really make a visual difference to your application. User engagement is shown to increase greatly when presented with interactive designs.

General web design & web development

Whatever your online presence needs may be, web developers and designers are here to help. Whether you need a basic business webpage or a blog, web development experts will listen to your needs and wanted outcomes to produce something that you will be satisfied with.

Tip: Look for a developer with full stack capabilities to ensure they are good at both frontend (HTML) and backend (code running on server which generates HTML) development. This will save  you the trouble of having to first get one person to do a design or theme and then another to make that design work as a website.

How to hire the right web designer or web developer

Technical abilities

Check if the company or expert you are interested in using has any qualifications or education in the area you are looking for. This will tell you whether they have the technical expertise to handle your web design job satisfactorily. 

Previous work & reviews

Check their portfolio for examples of past work they've done. How well does it align with your own needs? Is the quality up to scratch?  Also check their reviews and star ratings left by customers to guage how well they perform - do they meet deadlines and other requirements.

Top web design & development tips

Top web design & development tips

Getting a reliable web designer to help your ideas come to life, can be very beneficial to your business in many ways. Read more about how to grow your business by getting the best web development & design companies to help with your strategy, in our web design & development articles.

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