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Mkumandlela Trading

Midstream Estate, Olifantsfontein, GP (13.1km from Centurion)
We provide our best to our clients, over 54 clients are happy with our service .give us a call today our contact :0100655204 Office 0718546609 cell
good service
 |  Posted 1 year ago


Tamara Park, Centurion, GP (9km from Centurion)
We are a Construction Company based in Centurion. We specialise with the the following services Paving Tiling Swimming Pool Installations and Repairs Roofing Fencing New Building and Renovations

Nick Pool Specialist

Midrand, GP (15.6km from Centurion)
We construct new swimming pools, renovation to the old existing pool, Marblelite relining. Fibreglass relining. Paving. Equipment installation. And many more


Paulshof, Sandton, GP (19.1km from Centurion)
Projectprospects provides swimming pool & spa repairs services in Paulshof, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Hendricks Pool Contractor

Erasmusrand, Pretoria, GP (19.2km from Centurion)
Our main focus is on the supply and installation of high quality swimming pools and related pool products to customers in South Africa.We design and build your dream swimming pool.With experience and expertise ,we provide swimming pool construction,pool repairs, pool renovation pool maintenance and equipment supply and installation.Overall ,we provide pool construction services that include repairs ,renovations and equipment upgrades along with new pool construction for your property.We are swimming pool builders ,we build gunite and marbelite pools. We maintain ,renovate and repairs pools
We are a Construction Company based in Centurion We specialize in the following services: ●Paving ●tiling ●solar systems ●building and Renovations ●kitchen Designs ●Ceilings and Bulkheads
Good services
 |  Posted 1 year ago

Amazing Pools Services

Rua Vista, Centurion, GP (3.7km from Centurion)
Amazing pool service is well experienced pool company and offer best services. We prioritise our clients and go extra mile for our projects. We offer guarantee and warranty for our work performance and product. We offer free inspection to our clients . Amazing pools service don't just take your money and leave, we are always available to offer advice how to maintain your pool and which products to use . -Our services ✓Fiberglass ✓Remarblite swimming pool Pool renovation✓Pool repairs ✓Pool installed✓leaks Pool service✓Pool cover✓safety net fully installed We are here to make a difference.
Amazing Pools services installed a new fiberglass pool for me and very professional and good commicator, I'll recommend them to everyone
 |  Posted 3 years ago
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Whilst swimming pools and spas are wonderful additions to any entertainment area, they do come with their own set of problems, as is to be expected. First and foremost, is the need to keep the water at the correct pH and chlorine levels to ensure a safe and pleasant swimming experience, as well as keeping the water a bright and sparkling clear blue. Running the automatic pool cleaner once or twice a day will keep your pool largely debris- and algae-free, especially if you combine this with a bit of good old-fashioned elbow grease in scrubbing down those areas which the pool cleaner cannot reach, such as the steps and areas above the water-level, particularly if you have a concrete (gunite) pool.

Degradation is to be expected over time

Nonetheless, there will be times when your pool and/or spa will need a more professional input when things go wrong. Nothing lasts forever and, over time, degradation is bound to occur, resulting in problems such as water leaks, tree roots pushing into the pool area, plaster or surrounds cracking, pool filter leaking or tiles coming loose, spider cracks appearing in the gelcoat on your fibreglass pool or the colour fading or becoming discoloured. Mechanical problems may also crop up from time to time, such as the pump motors or impellors overheating or overworking due to the filters not being cleaned regularly, or water getting into the motor because the motor housing has cracked and become brittle. If the water circulation in your pool is poor, this could be due to a hole in the airline. This should be attended to as quickly as possible as the damage may be electrical rather than just a damaged airline. Swimming pool and spa heaters may also fail, and underwater lights may burn out. Spa nozzles may become blocked or stop working effectively, which could lead to a full motor burnout. 

Pool or spa problems defeating your skills? Call the specialists!

There is general daily, weekly or monthly maintenance which can be carried out by the homeowner, such as checking the chemical balance and pH of the pool, cleaning the filters by backwashing sand filters or washing cartridge filters, brushing or scrubbing the surface to clear any dirt build-up and skimming leaves and any other unwanted debris off the water. However, when more serious problems arise, that is the time to call in the repair specialists. If it means re-plastering your pool, expertly repairing cracks, finding and resolving water leaks, stripping and servicing your pool or spa motor or heater, replacing worn fittings and pipes, torn filter grids or broken manifolds, repairing failed underwater lighting and any other major issues, don’t even try to tackle these yourself but call in the people who know what needs to be done and have experience in the field.

How to find the right pool and spa repair specialist

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Whilst pool and spa specialist installers themselves are not difficult to find, it may be a little more challenging to locate the specialists who come in to maintain and repair these amenities. Online searches will definitely speed up the process, particularly if you work through an internet search site such as Uptasker which specialises in locating suppliers in specific geographical areas, making it so much easier to find an expert in your immediate vicinity.  This site also provides access to online ratings and customer reviews, from which you can check the suppliers’ overall levels of service, reliability, economy, skill and customer satisfaction.  Uptasker also provides one-click links to supplier websites, if available, which is extremely convenient. You can also find these specialists by browsing through house and home magazines, asking at pool supply shops and general hardware/building stores which sell pool supplies, as well as checking newspapers and the Yellow Pages. And don’t forget good old-fashioned word of mouth referrals where possible!

Top pool and spa repair specialist tips

Top pool and spa repair specialist tips

There is little doubt that swimming pools and spas offer a great deal in the way of entertainment and relaxation value, but only if they look appealing and are running smoothly. No-one wants to swim in a pool with cracks or discoloured plaster which make it look dirty, or to swim after dark in a pool with no lights because that’s just plain creepy! And if the jets on your spa are less than enthusiastic and provide little in the way of massage therapy and relaxation, there is little point really in using it. If you can’t fix the problem yourself, be sensible and call in the specialists to sort the matter out so you can get back to enjoying these luxuries to their fullest. For more tips, see our pool and spa repair specialist articles.

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