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SSS Steel Structures provides shed installation services in Erasmia, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

We specialise in the manufacture and erection of high-quality steel structures at affordable prices for Churches, Hangars, Warehouses, Factories, livestock enclosures, pack-houses, barns, work/storage sheds and more. Detailed Plan Drawings...

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It seems that people, no matter how hard they try, always seem to accumulate things – whether it is genuinely useful items which are used on a fairly regular basis, or a variety of articles, tools, equipment and pieces of furniture which might be required at some point in the future. Garden tools, lawnmowers, storage crates, unused garden pots, bicycles, sporting and diving equipment, surfboards, etc. may be safely stored in a utility shed where they are out of sight and not exposed to searing sun in summer or winter’s wet and cold conditions.

By storing your items in a shed, you prevent UV damage as well as cutting down the ravages of rust, both of which accelerate the steady destruction of outdoor items. You will also be providing young children with safer play areas in your yard without the worry of them accidentally hurting themselves on something sharp like saws or garden tools, or have something heavy fall on them during boisterous play. Whilst you might be lucky enough to have additional storage space in your garage, many apartments and smaller cluster homes only have shade parking for one car, so additional storage areas are definitely in demand.

Why buy ready-made when you can have something unique?

The shed installation specialist will design, prepare the foundation, construct, and ensure that your shed is placed exactly where you want it – somewhere where it is most convenient but not obtrusive and easy to access. With a custom-designed shed, you can be sure that it will accommodate everything you need to store, and with a specific shape which fits into any awkward area of the garden.

Whilst it might be more convenient or perhaps a cheaper option to purchase a ready-made shed from your local dealer, it might not be exactly what you want, or take up too much space in a small garden due to their pre-designed square or rectangular designs. Since the shed is going to be a definite presence in your back yard, you may decide to make it into a feature rather than simply a structure which provides storage space. You might even choose a specific design and material which suits the house itself, thereby providing uniformity between the house and the shed. Whilst plastic sheds appear to be the most common material used for ready-made sheds, they lack the sturdiness of wood when it comes to hanging heavy items from the walls, and this also needs to be considered if you are planning to use the walls for hanging space.

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Many House & Home magazines will feature adverts from shed installation specialists, since these structures are extremely useful and sometimes highly decorative additions to any garden. Your local builder, carpenter or DIY store may also be able to point you in the right direction, or you can check the Yellow Pages, but it is a time-consuming search if done this way. Home Expos may also feature such specialists, but you probably won’t want to wait for months for such an Expo. Your best bet would be to search online using search sites, especially Uptasker, which has several outstanding features such as geographical listings – making it easier for you to find someone close to your location – ‘one-click’ links to suppliers’ websites (if available), the ability to obtain comparative quotes online and, of course, online ratings and customer reviews. Reading reviews from previous customers will give you a good indication overall of any supplier’s service, quality, pricing, delivery, and adherence to promised build times. 

Top shed installation specialist tips

Top shed installation specialist tips

Whilst we are being conditioned to accepting even smaller living spaces with hardly room to put a dining table in some cases, we still have a need for storage for larger items which really don’t fit into living areas. Even if our homes are bigger, we don’t want to store machinery, gardening or sporting equipment within our living and entertainment areas. Who would want a lawnmower, bicycle, surfboard, canoe, etc. in the line of sight all the time when they are not being used or run the risk of falling over them in the garden? Apart from these factors, they also become an eyesore and very off-putting to neighbours and visitors alike. A garden shed which is designed specifically for your unique needs is an obvious and simple answer and can be made to fit into even the smallest outdoor spaces. For more tips, see our shed installation specialist articles.

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Bluewaters Holdings Pty LTD provides shed installation services in Kempton Park, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

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Happiness Aluminium & Steel provides shed installation services in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

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