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Twin Klipz

Silverton, Pretoria, GP (10km from Selbourne Site)
All Your Photography & Videography needs - Photo shoots - Outdoor/ Studio, Modelling Portfolios, Family/Couple/Baby/Maternity Portraits; Events - Birthday/Kids/ Parties, Graduations, Annual events, White Wedding, Traditional Weddings, Engagement Party, Performances, 21st Parties/ Festivals/ Matric dances, Valentines ball/ Artist profile/ Vlogs, Interviews/ YouTube Shows/ Music Videos/
Professional and Quality work. Delivery time as agreed.
 |  Posted 3 years ago


Selbourne Site, Pretoria, GP (0.3km from Selbourne Site)
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Pack Studio

Meyerspark, Pretoria, GP (10km from Selbourne Site)
Welcome to Pack Studio, your partner in preserving the cherished moments of your life through the art of photography. Our passion lies in capturing the essence of your special occasions and transforming them into timeless memories that you can treasure forever. **Our Services:** 1. **Portrait Photography:** Whether you're an individual, a couple, or a family, our portrait photography sessions are designed to bring out your unique personalities and relationships. From studio sessions with carefully curated backdrops to outdoor shoots in picturesque locations, we make sure your true essence shines through. 2. **Event Coverage:** From weddings and birthdays to corporate events,...

The Girl With The Camera

Olympus AH, Pretoria, GP (12.8km from Selbourne Site)
Full-time photography and chasing sunsets fill my days as well as eating way too much dark chocolate with my husband. I love getting stuck into the detail.  Detail about the wedding, detail planning your first baby's photoshoot, or detail about the time of day to get the best light for your photoshoot.

Nostalgic Pro Photography

Pretoria, GP (18.5km from Selbourne Site)
Professional photographer and videographer with over 15 years experience... we have a comprehensive website that gives further details on us. Whatsapp anytime on 066 224 1952

Figure Of 8

Pretoria, GP (18.5km from Selbourne Site)
Ever true to our mantra “Enthusiasts of Life + Love.” We can undoubtedly confess hat love is a fundamental part of what we do and who we are. As the figure 8 symbolizes eternity ∞ it is with great pride that we say that eternal love is a virtue we strongly believe in. This infinite love and the hope that it brings inspires us to capture illustrations of love. We thereby create images of the heart.

D'amor Photography

Equestria, Pretoria, GP (9.5km from Selbourne Site)
I am a wedding and portrait photographer that lives for romantic moments and light-filled images.I will travel all over South Africa to capture your story and preserve those joyous moments in a way it can easily be recounted in the future.

The Girl With The Camera

Olympus AH, Pretoria, GP (12.8km from Selbourne Site)
Telling your Stories - Capturing your adventure - Celebrating your legacy. As a professional photographer I capture family, newborn, maternity & couple stories, although my personal favourite has to be weddings.

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Save your most precious memories in photographs

Your most precious memories are best remembered not only in your head but also in photographs which will last for generations to come. You will never be able to verbally describe an event or person as clearly as a photograph can, but despite our best efforts and intentions, sometimes our amateur photographic skills fail us when we need them the most. Hiring a professional photographer will ensure that your special occasions will be safely preserved on film or digitally long after the initial memories have faded.

What can professional photographer help with?

What is a professional photographer?

The Washington Post newspaper in America defines a professional photographer as “anyone who earns more than 50% of his or her annual income from photography”. From this definition, it is clear where the line is drawn between an amateur hobby photographer and one who makes his or her living from this medium. In order to earn an income from taking photographs, it is implicit that the person behind the lens has a strong creative side which is supported by skill, training, knowledge and experience of the camera to produce clear and sharp pictures in any given situation.

Photography - a science and an art

Photography involves more than simply pointing a camera lens at the subject and clicking the shutter. One has to take into account technical aspects such as film and shutter speed, lighting, colour saturation, distance and subject movement. When using analogue cameras for extremely high definition pictures, the photographer is responsible for the development of the film, as well as producing different effects by controlling the chemical components during the development process. This is an art which takes skill, experience and a very creative approach.

Digital cameras do not use film. The photographs are downloaded directly onto computers where there are a number of software programs available to manipulate the image in order to produce a vast array of special effects such as sepia tones, black and white, faded images, enhanced colour, deliberate blurring, etc. Of course, one should never forget Photoshop, which is used extensively in fashion photography, and which can be used to correct a wide range of imperfections on the finished photograph.

Wedding photography & news photograhpy- history and memories captured

Each professional photographer will have his or her own strengths and specialist areas, as well as being skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of photography. For instance, you will find photographers who advertise portraiture, or those who excel in spheres such as weddings, fashion, flowers and plants, sports, action, news, travel or nature, to name but a few. Wedding photographers, in particular, have the experience and skill to capture unusual and personal photographs of the bride and groom which reflect their relationship and personalities within a very intimate setting.

Wildlife photographers have to have a great deal of patience in order to capture a particular shot, since animals cannot be posed, and hours, days or even weeks of patient and silent observation may be required to film an award-worthy picture which captures the essence of the animal itself. News photographers, on the other hand, have to be on the scene in often dangerous situations and able to capture pictures very quickly and clearly at the moment incidents happen. Who will ever forget the pictures taken on the day that President John F Kennedy was fatally shot in Dallas, or when the Twin Towers in Manhattan were attacked and collapsed, or when Nelson Mandela was elected as President? It is photographs such as these which form part of our visual history and are passed down through generations. All of us can think of at least one photograph which has told an entire story in one single image. For these moments captured so precisely and clearly on film, we can thank professional photographers.

Finding the right photographer

Read customer ratings and reviews

When choosing a photographer for your special event, be sure to concentrate on those whose style and experience suit your requirements. The best recommendation is often by word of mouth, but this is not always possible. Professional photographers can easily be found through adverts placed in magazines, catalogues and on the internet, and all of them will have portfolios which showcase their previous work for different clients. A photographer who has been in the business for a long time will have a wide range of clients and events which he or she has covered. From these, you will be able to gauge the style and mood of the photographs and see if this suits your requirements. Many photographers now have their own websites showcasing their work and reviews from their clients. Please check their reviews for client satisfaction, including speed of post-event service and presentation of the photographs. After all, you don’t want to wait for weeks or months after the event before you receive your pictures! Uptasker is a valuable resource when looking for professional photographers and checking their online reviews.

Top photography tips

Top photography tips

When choosing a photographer to record your special event, make sure that you are working with a professional who is able to record the occasion accurately and in a style which suits your expectations. Be prepared to listen to advice and guidance from this specialist, then hand over the artistic reins and leave him or her to handle the photography whilst you enjoy the function without worry. For more tips see our photographer articles.

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