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Brightmoon Videography and Photography

We’re conveniently located in Fourways, Johannesburg and don’t mind travelling further out. We use only the best equipment. Sun, rain, wild horses. We’ve done it all and we want to...

Pink Flower Productions

Welcome to Pink Flower Productions We photograph and film weddings. About us Bernard is the videographer. We use the term Run & Gun videographer, but all that really means, is...

Seed Film & Media

Seed Media is a film and video production company based in Cape Town, South Africa, with a presence in Johannesburg and Los Angeles. We offer a full production service for...

OD Media

Ocean Driven Media is a Durban based media company specialising in Photography, Videography and Print Media. We have been providing work of the highest quality since 2010. The company has...

Yoments Media

We provide photography & videography services for weddings, live events, profiling, music videos, album art and sessions.

Kovacevic Bosch Photography & Videography

We are Marko Kovacevic (Serbia) and Lize-Marie Bosch (South Africa), and together we are the team behind Kovacevic|Bosch Films & Photography. We are currently based in Cape Town, South Africa,...

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What can a videographer help with?

Whilst photographs are a wonderful way of visually preserving memories, there are times when a still photographic shot simply does not capture the essence of the memory as well as a video. For example, imagine videotaping action scenes such as a friend’s bungee jump or a sports event, recording a baby’s first faltering steps, and preserving the moment when a bride and groom exchange their wedding vows. Whilst it is undoubtedly fun to do this yourself, to achieve professional results, it is best to use an experienced videographer.

What does a videographer do?

A videographer is much like a film-maker, with the difference that the videographer records factual moving images and soundtracks rather than fictional dramas, comedies or documentaries, and does not use film to record these images. A videographer records the images onto various types of recording media such as video tapes, disks and digital applications. News videographers use digital videos which can be immediately and directly uploaded onto computers, smart-phones, and the internet for immediate broadcast and dissemination of breaking news on a national or international basis.

A professional videographer differs from an amateur in that he, or she, earns a living from using high quality video and sound equipment to record various events, from private functions to breaking news. Weddings are often recorded for posterity by professional videographers, as well as birthday parties, engagement parties, anniversaries, barmizvahs and batmizvahs and other celebratory events. News videographers, on the other hand, are either freelance agents or are employed by TV stations and corporations and may be required to travel to various parts of the world at short notice to visually capture news directly and transmit this back via the internet.

We can all easily use our phones or digital devices and video cameras to capture personal events and unique happenings (imagine video-recording your baby taking its first wobbly steps, or a lioness playing with her cubs in a national park, for instance). However, it takes a professional videographer to calculate and plan the best perspective, lighting, settings, angles, etc. to ensure a professional result rather than a possibly blurry image with poor lighting, camera shake and an inaudible or noisy background quality.

How to choose the right videographer

Choose a film-maker for the right occasion

The choice of videographer will, to a large extent, depend on the occasion which is being recorded. There are many professional wedding specialist videographers, for example, who have a great deal of expertise and clever tricks to make the most of the occasion. A skilled and experienced videographer will be adaptable to the needs of the specific occasion he is covering, and will always ensure that the final video faithfully reflects the mood, sound and ambience of the event. If in doubt, always discuss your expectations with the videographer beforehand, so that he knows what your focus is.

Check recommendations and reviews

Since these are memories which will last for many years, it is essential that you select the right videographer for your needs. Although many of these professionals widely advertise their services, it is wise to seek recommendations wherever possible. Check their portfolios, which should be freely available on their premises or online, to see if their style appeals to you. Use word of mouth recommendations from friends or acquaintances who have used their services, or check their online reviews through Uptasker, which will provide honest feedback on their reliability, delivery and quality of the finished video, attitude, unique suggestions and pricing. Be mindful of the fact that top quality is always expensive, and do not try to cut corners unnecessarily.

Top videographer & film-maker tips

Top videographer & film-maker tips

Be prepared to listen to the videographer’s advice, suggestions and tips, even if these may involve adaptations to your layout or seating arrangements. Provide all relevant information to the videographer at all times, to allow him to plan ahead and position himself and his equipment at the best possible spots to capture the most important parts of the occasion. Then sit back and enjoy the event whilst the professional takes care of the memories for you.

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Barefeet Videography

We believe that the place where you stand and choose to commit your whole self to another person for life is Holy Ground. Two hearts become one and the deepest...

Rooftop Productions

For the last fifteen years, Rooftop has been producing content and strategic solutions that matter for a growing and prestigious international client base with an increasing focus on pro-social, human...

Camsol Videographer

Camsol Productions is a professional videography service based in Johannesburg that services the whole of Gauteng as well as the rest of South Africa. Our videography service offers professional video...

Incubate Video Productions

Incubate Video is a small family of creatives, designers, filmmakers and animators with a mission to deliver creative video and stories that inspire results. Headed by Charles and Fiona Meadows,...

Dirk Moggee Photo Video

Dirk Moggee, is a South African Photographer & Videographer, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University with a BTECH degree in Photography (cumlaude). His...

Kyle White TV

Kyle White TV is a Johannesburg based video production company specialising in music, commercial and corporate videos. In 2004 Kyle started his career in the entertainment industry, first as a...

Pelicula Productions

Pelicula Productions is there to capture the moments that are unlikely relived. We aim to portray beauty, laughter and togetherness in our unique videos. With Pelicula Productions you cannot go...

Camera 13

We emphasise on a quick turnaround time, outputting high-end audiovisual Products. Having been blessed with tasks in over 20 African countries, our work spectrum is broad but nonetheless precise. We...

Brand New Day Imaging

Durban KZN
Wedding Film Because weddings are a once in a lifetime deal, you need professionals to take care of your memories... Why not let our work speak for itself... Corporate Film...

Summertime Productions

You need the experts without the overheads. You need a video production team with decades of collective experience, both in media production services and in business. You need friendly experts...

CC Photography & Videograph

Margate KZN
Chantell (the big “C”), myself (the little “c”), Barnie Botha, and Danny Cooper. Together offer a diverse and individual approach to wedding photography. An intimate and relaxed photographic experience ensuring...

Photofuzion CC

Photofuzion A mark above the rest, we pride ourselves in not being just a photography company, but a company that provides service excellence coupled with high standards of professionalism. Weddings...