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Gauteng Mobile Mechanics

Gezina, Pretoria, GP (1.2km from Gezina)
Millennium Car Repairs Pretoria offers high quality and highly competitive car servicing Pretoria and Mobile car repairs and we are very proud to be servicing customers across Pretoria and Centurion. In addition to our full range of car servicing and car repair services in Pretoria, we specialize in brake, exhaust and suspension repairs and services. Our workshops only use premium quality parts and equipment from leading brands ensuring you get the best quality service possible.

Koops Auto Mechanic

Gezina, Pretoria, GP (1.2km from Gezina)
KOOPS is an Auto Mechanic that is renowned for performing quality car servicing jobs on all makes and models of vehicles at reasonable prices. The Koops workshop is located at 657 Steve Biko Road in Gezina. KOOPS specializes in Automotive Repair, service and maintenance of brakes, clutches, suspensions, engine overhauls, overheating problems, auto electrical, etc. KOOPS guarantees all workmanship for the first 10 000 km or six months.

Aecarservices Gezina

Gezina, Pretoria, GP (1.2km from Gezina)
All your car problems can ve solved. We do all makes and models in servicing engine, gear box, suspension. All major and minor services Give us a call 0745623341

City Mobile Car Services And Repairs

Rietondale, Pretoria, GP (1.9km from Gezina)
MOBILE AUTO FIX has certified and experienced automobile technicians who are ready to services your vehicle and perform the required maintenance necessary to keep you on the road. For years, our experienced technicians have been helping vehicle owners care for their investment. MOBILE AUTO FIX technicians are dedicated to providing quality car repairs and services. Services on offer include: Major and minor services - Gearbox repairs - Clutch and Brakes - CV Joint repairs - Computer diagnostics - Suspension services - Engine Overhaul - Radiator Fitment - Auto Electrics, faulty wiring , computer diagnostics, aircon problems, lights - Cambelt, timing,...

C V Master

Wonderboom South, Pretoria, GP (2.1km from Gezina)
CV Master is an established one-stop Pretoria service station. We specialise in all aspects of auto servicing, tune-up and overhauls on all makes of cars, including light and heavy commercial vehicles. All workmanship is fully guaranteed and offered at competitive prices. We are specialists in the installations and servicing of CV joints, but has since expanded our portfolio to a comprehensive range of auto servicing, tune-up and overhaul services. We have a full complement of the latest state of the art technological and mechanical equipment on our shop floor. Together with the best qualified and experienced mechanical staff we can...

Glenridge Motors

Villieria, Pretoria, GP (2.5km from Gezina)
Glenridge Motors can now offer you quality servicing and repairs on any make of vehicle. We are an approved RMI workshop and have the latest diagnostic equipment compatible with almost any car. The workshop manager of Glenridge Motors has 30 years’ experience in the motor industry managing workshops for the likes of Jaguar, Landrover, Honda, Kia, Citroen, Daihatsu and Hyundai. We specialise in Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Subaru & Jaguar. We also do servicing and general repairs on all makes of vehicles.

4U Mechanic

Pretoria, GP (4.1km from Gezina)
Services ✔ motor car tune up, service &/or repairs ✔ auto electricians ✔ auto electrical ✔ brakes

Central Auto Clinic

Pretoria Central, Pretoria, GP (4.2km from Gezina)
We offer quality services at affordable price, our teams are always on hand to discuss any issues you may have, from spares to repairs of your car and can give you expert advice on resolving any issues you may be experiencing with your vehicle.

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How can a mechanic be of help to me?

South Africa is a vast country, and motor vehicles of all kinds are travelling its roads every single day, whether for business or pleasure. So much of our merchandise is shipped from one city to another on a national basis, and commercial enterprise relies heavily on the distribution of its goods to all areas in the country. Motor vehicles are a major part of the backbone of the South African economy. No matter what type of vehicle is used, or for what purpose, it is vital that these are maintained for optimum efficiency at all times. This is why we need the specialized services of mechanics.

Mechanics are multi-faceted.

When we think of a mechanic, we usually immediately associate this specialist with our road vehicles, and tend not to take into account the different types of mechanic specialists. To name just a few, we have auto, diesel, heavy or small vehicle, aircraft, electrical, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, all of whom play an essential part in keeping an economy on its wheels and running smoothly, so to speak! If we consider just one sector of mechanics, those who deal with road vehicles, we find that this is divided into further specialist categories. There are mechanics who deal specifically with certain makes of vehicle, or concentrate their specialist expertise on particular areas, for instance the electrics or electronic components of the vehicle. With the vast number of different types and makes of vehicle on the market, it would be unfair to expect a mechanic to be a specialist in all aspects of every make and variety of vehicle. The engine mechanisms alone have evolved in giant leaps during the past few years, to the point where there are increasing numbers of hybrid cars on the market, offering a combination of electric and mechanical motors in one vehicle.

Your mechanic is definitely your “fix-it” guy

In the years when cars ran on simple mechanical principles, it was common to see men tinkering with their car engines over weekends or being able to resolve less complex engine problems, such as fuel line blockages, overheating of the radiator, dirty spark plugs, faulty distributor leads or points and loose battery terminal connections. Sadly, in one respect, those days are long gone, and it now falls to the specialist mechanic to sort out the myriad problems which arise with the modern engine.

It seems that the more sophisticated our vehicles become, the more we become slaves to the vagaries of our car engines. When the on-board computer fails, the fuel-injection system starts giving problems, the electric windows or electronics seem to be off on a mission of their own, it is definitely time to call in a specialist mechanic.

Specialist or general mechanic?

Whilst many service centres exist, some of which cater for a wide range of different models and makes of cars, the more sophisticated cars definitely require the attention of mechanics who are specifically trained in various aspects of their operation. These cars should preferably be attended to by service centres operated by particular manufacturers, for instance makes such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Honda, etc., many of which offer a three- to five-year motor warranty plan on new cars. The older the car becomes and the more its value drops, the temptation to bypass these particular specialists and take the car to a ‘generic’ service garage which is more affordable becomes more likely. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these general garages as all mechanics are skilled in the work they perform, but you might be more comfortable taking one of your biggest investments to a service centre which is geared for your particular vehicle.

How to find the right mechanic for your needs

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Vehicle service centres and general vehicle service workshops are not difficult to find as a rule. If you are familiar with your own area, you probably know where most of them are situated. It is a different matter if you become stranded in an unfamiliar town due to engine problems. You can check the Yellow Pages or ask the locals for advice, but your best option would be to look online for a mechanic. Search sites such as Uptasker are a brilliant resource in this respect for many reasons. Uptasker has a number of advantages over other search sites as it provides geographical listings, online rating and customer reviews as well as one-click links through to the service suppliers’ websites, if available. You will be able to obtain comparative quotes for the job from one search site, which is a huge time-saver, especially if you know what the problem is and there is no preliminary investigative work required by the mechanic to find the cause of the problem.

Top mechanic tips

Top mechanic tips

Your vehicle is not only a convenient means of transport, one of your biggest investments (and expenses!) but is also an essential part of your daily life. It therefore pays to keep it running efficiently and reliably through regular servicing by a qualified mechanic. Even with all the care in the world, there are times when mechanical or electronic engines simply break down unexpectedly, and usually at the most inconvenient times. It is worth getting to know the right service centre for your car and building up a service history with them so that they are always aware of the work which has been done or needs to be carried out on the vehicle. It will save you time, expense and a great deal of worry if you have a reliable, knowledgeable, skilled and trusted mechanic working on your car. For more tips, see our mechanics articles.

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