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Mtunzi construction offers quality service with quarantee . We do plumbing all types of plumbing. We do tilling all types including wall,floor,and full house tilling. We also do paving all types of designs. We do roofing and ceiling, we do all types of ceiling designes. We hold over 20years of experience in these field and we prioritie our customers.
I provide excellent service for plumbing, Renovations,maintenance eg bust geyser,unblocked drainage,fixing taps n repair bust pipes, tank installation n pump installation

Neona Enterprise

Tladi, Johannesburg, GP (0.9km from Soweto)
All plumbing services: Geyser Installation Bathroom remodeling Kitchen Sink Installation Underground waste installation

Mazibuko Plumbing Services

Protea Glen, Soweto, GP (5.3km from Soweto)
We do plumbing home renovations. We take pride in our work. We exceed clients expectations. Satisfaction guaranteed. *We do plumbing renovations. *Drain blockage *Electronics(washing machine) *Ceiling

Mazibuko Plumbing Services

Protea Glen, Soweto, GP (5.6km from Soweto)
We offer quality services at an affordable prices. We take pride in our works. We exceed clients expectations. Satisfaction guaranteed. *We do plumbing home renovations *We tilling and ceiling *We repair washing machine *Drain blockage

Prm Plumbing Solutions

Klipspruit, Soweto, GP (6.1km from Soweto)
Installation of geysers and electricity geyser..borehole pumps pressure pumps building of manhole. Maintaining and supply water systems

Maguvha Construction And Transport

Tshepisong, Soweto, GP (8.8km from Soweto)
Our clients comes first always we make sure that we give the best to our clients u can call us on 0678586124 or 0824337977 Thank you....for trusting maguvha construction and transport u won't regret

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Are there specialist plumbers for home renovation projects?

It is fair to say that ALL professional plumbers are qualified in every aspect of their trade. It does not matter to them what the plumbing problem or requirement might be – if it falls within their remit, they will do the job. Whether it is a matter of fixing an existing problem or completely re-jigging the layout of a kitchen or bathroom, they are the people who can sort this out. We tend to forget that when we move into a brand-new home, plumbers have already been at work laying water pipes and sewerage systems, placing gas lines and seamlessly connecting these to the utilities within the house.

House design not working for you? Re-jig the layout!

Unless you have the luxury of designing your own house, there are probably aspects of your kitchen or bathroom that do not entirely suit your needs. Perhaps the flow around the stove/hob and sink is clumsy to your work habits, or you have splurged on a brand-new refrigerator with a built-in ice or water dispenser that needs to be plumbed into the water supply.  Perhaps you prefer showers to baths and would like a bigger walk-in shower rather than a combined shower/bath setup, or simply want to redesign the entire layout and relocate the sink and shower. If this is to be your home for many years, it would be a practical and sensible option to redesign these rooms to suit your lifestyle rather than live indefinitely with the inconvenience of the existing layout.

Ask your plumber for his advice before finalising your design

Plumbers are hands-on and knowledgeable professionals who have the experience to know what layout will work in the area and what is impractical. For instance, moving a dishwasher or washing machine to an interior wall is problematic because of the need for both a water inlet and outlet/waste pipe, which might have to be laid under existing built-in cabinetry.

On the other hand, sinks may be easily positioned against exterior or interior walls, or even in the centre islands of large kitchens. A skilled and experienced plumber can advise on the practicalities and costs of such matters.  Not only will he re-plumb the fittings, but he is also responsible for installing sinks, basins, baths, toilets, and geysers and ensuring that the water supply to and from these utilities is efficient and without leaks or blockages. It would be unwise to plan the renovation of a kitchen or bathroom without first consulting with a plumber regarding the possibility of re-siting any major utilities within these areas. 

How to find the right renovation plumber for your needs

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Whilst plumbing may not be seen as a particularly glamorous profession, it is an essential aspect of our daily lives and one without which we would be lost. Plumbers are beginning to advertise more widely on the internet but rely largely on customer reviews and recommendations. Those who are listed on the internet do not always have websites, so finding them can be challenging. However, through its search site, Uptasker is perfectly positioned to find plumbers in your immediate area since it lists suppliers in geographical locations, making it quicker, more convenient, and less frustrating trying to find the right specialist for your needs. Uptasker not only offers ‘one-click’ links to suppliers’ websites, if available, but also provides online ratings and customer reviews as they are posted so that you can get an idea of the service, delivery timelines and quality of any supplier. You can always go the long route of checking the Yellow Pages, newspapers, home renovation magazines and, of course, word-of-mouth referrals, but Uptasker will save you all the effort just by checking their site and clicking on the correct category – in this case, ‘Plumbers’. It is one of the most popular and sought-after categories, so you can be assured of finding just the right specialist for your needs.

Top home renovation plumber tips

Top home renovation plumber tips

Renovating a home can be arduous and frustrating, particularly if you are completely redesigning a kitchen or bathroom layout, with all its associated plumbing challenges. My advice would be to involve your chosen plumbing specialist in the intended design to ensure that relocating sinks, plumbed-in fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, basins, baths, or showers is both practical and cost-effective. Your plumbing specialist will be able to provide the best advice in this regard, as well as suggesting any alternative options which you might not have considered. Consider your plumber as an essential part of the renovation team to get the best advice in his area of expertise.

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