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Jean-pierre's Waterproofing

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, WC (13.1km from Epping)
Waterproofing incl torch on waterproofing, Roof repairs - tile, slat steel and slabs, Wood repairs & treatment of wood incl decking, Plumbing & electrical work, Building & plaster work including alterations and revamps, Hanging mirrors photos pictures, Locks & keys, Damp proofing & rising damp repair, New ceilings and repairs to ceilings including Rhinolite work, Screeding and light weight screeds, General maintenance work, Painting including professional colour matching of walls and roof colours, Core drilling outlets down pipes French drains storm water solutions
 |  Posted 6 months ago

Pawand Carpentry Services

Langa, Cape Town, WC (0.7km from Epping)
Kuziva started his woodworking career close on 20 years ago , he studied his tertiary education and he major with wood machining and manufacturing technology became a teacher and worked for 4 years. He worked for various boat companies including Ago boats and Southern Wind Shipyard as a supervisor. He has extensive experience and eye for perfection to practice this level of expertise in South Africa. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: KITCHENS New Installations & Renovations. CARPENTRY & Joinery Doors, windows, skirting, worktops. Wood decks,staircase & balustrades SHOP FITTING Display cabinets. Counters & bulkheads PARTITIONS Dry wall FLOORING Wooden wall cladding. Entrance...

Knobbs Interiors

Richmond Estate, Cape Town, WC (5km from Epping)
Services ✔ curtains & pelmets & loose covers ✔ blinds ✔ curtains ✔ curtaining ✔ shade ✔ upholstering

Global Roofing Solutions

Milnerton, Cape Town, WC (7.7km from Epping)
Global Roofing Solutions (Pty) Ltd consists of two leading South African roofing material manufacturing operations, GRS Brownbuilt (established in 1964) and GRS HH Robertson (established in 1958), making it one of the largest metal roofing manufacturers in South Africa. Both Brownbuilt and HH Robertson are household names for the manufacture of Commercial and Industrial steel roof covering and wall cladding profiles (Concealed fix and Pierced fix), composite steel floor decking profiles and lightweight coated metal roof tiles (ARMA-TILE™ and UNI-TILE™).

Prize Roofing

Parow East, Cape Town, WC (8.4km from Epping)
Being a hands-on man, David Prinsloo together with his family, 4 dedicated, experienced and competent contract managers and 3 secretaries is backed up by a team of skilled and semi-skilled artisans, who have successfully completed and solved well over 40 000 of Cape Town’s domestic, commercial and industrial, waterproofing, painting and roofing related problems. Earning themselves a solid reputation as a leading and trusted company in their specialised fields of expertise – hence the slogan.

Domingo Construction

Salt River, Cape Town, WC (8.4km from Epping)
We pride ourselves in our quality workmanship,and we pride ourselves in our competative pricing.Experienced and qualified artisans and quality control standards.Daily site inspections in order to ensure quality and production are maintained.Progress reports to clients weekly.Our services include the following : Building Aleterations and Renovations.,Additions,Roofing and Waterprooofing,Damp-proofing,Ceilings and Drywall Partitioning,Bathroom Renovations,Drainage,Plumbing,Electrical Installations and Maintenance,Demolitions and Concrete Works.

Carpenter PRO

Woodstock, Cape Town, WC (9.6km from Epping)
CarpenterPro provide a bespoke cabinetmaking service-designing, building and installing custom made furniture and kitchens. Our services intensively focuses on employing traditional cabinetmaking techniques in conjunction with modern manufacturing standards to produce long lasting and high quality custom designed furniture. These services include producing furniture such as chairs, tables, chests of drawers, storage or display cabinets, custom bathroom cabinets, wall units, restore antiques or repair damaged furniture.

Carpenter cape town

Woodstock, Cape Town, WC (9.6km from Epping)
Our Cape Town based company offers a full range of services for all types of properties, both residential and commercial. From fittings and renovations to all repair jobs and the complete manufacture of custom products, our experienced artisans are dedicated to meeting your needs. We work to all budgets and find ways to save you costs without compromising on your vision. We work very closely with our esteemed clients so that their desires can be realized. Whatever job you have in mind our company believes in getting things done the right way, first time. Our tradesmen are fully qualified and...

Kinshella Natural Stone Projects

Woodstock, Cape Town, WC (9.6km from Epping)
Kinshella Natural Stone Projects was started over 7 years ago by Cedric Kinshella (Read his story here). Cedric has a passion for high-quality, Natural Stone products and high-standard installations. Cedric and his team source stone such as travertine, marble, sandstone, basalt, granite and limestone from Africa, Turkey, Indonesia and India and they are able to install them in cladding, paving, tiling and other applications. While the business is based in Cape Town, it is able to supply stone to customers anywhere in South Africa and even further afield in Africa.

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What can flooring expert help with?

Every day we walk on different floors, from our own homes to shops in various retail centres, in our workplaces and even where we park our vehicles. Flooring is something we do not immediately notice, yet it forms a major part of our everyday lives. It provides a safe area on which to walk, beautifies specific areas and provides a hygienic barrier between us and the earth.

Different types of flooring

Wood laminate flooring & tile flooring

There is a large range of flooring options available, all of which are laid on top of a concrete base which forms the actual floor of any building. The choice of flooring is dependent upon the use of the area, as well as the overall appearance and design desired. Carpets are commonly used in residential properties in areas such as bedrooms, living rooms and on indoor staircases. Because carpets are soft and warm underfoot, it makes sense that they are used in areas where one would normally walk barefoot. That being said, there is a steadily growing trend towards using wood laminate flooring and tiles in living areas as these are easier to keep clean and hygienic. Carpets need to be vacuumed regularly to avoid the build-up of dust and dirt, and spills can spoil the appearance of pale carpeting very quickly, sometimes leading to the need for professional cleaning services. Kitchens, entryways and bathrooms are usually tiled or covered with laminate, engineered or solid wood, bamboo or vinyl flooring which is easier to keep hygienically clean through various cleaning methods such as daily sweeping, wet cleaning with a mop or steam cleaning. There is a very wide range of styles and colours available in these materials which will ensure that your home still has the individualist look which sets it apart from any other house. Solid wood or bamboo flooring has the added beauty of genuine wood grain, in which no two pieces of wood are identical.

Commercial flooring

Commercial properties such as office blocks are often tiled, but may also be covered with industrial carpeting which is very hard-wearing and ideal for high foot traffic. Shopping centres, shops, public restrooms are nearly always tiled, very often with a distinctive design which is both visually attractive and functional. Tiles may have a high gloss finish which reflects the light, but are also available in stone or matt finishes which are non-slip and therefore offer safety when walking on wet or sloping floors.

Factories, warehouses, stadiums and parking garages make use of hardened cement flooring which is specifically geared for high-performance durability and heavy traffic use. This flooring, whilst being extremely hard-wearing, is slip-resistant and easy to keep clean. Coloured cement, concrete or colour screed flooring are additional options for areas such as restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and other home applications. This type of flooring is generally extremely individualistic in that each floor will differ slightly in appearance due to the processes, materials and staining involved. This type of flooring will add a more rustic feel to a home, and is therefore suitable for use in older, more traditional homes as well as very modern open-plan houses. Yet another application available for all types of floors in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors is stone chip flooring. This consists of a cement formula which incorporates stone, marble or glass chips and even pebbles which is poured onto the floor, ground to a smooth finish and then polished to produce a hard-wearing and unusual floor covering. It must be noted that no flooring is finite, and over time will degrade or cracks will appear, so it is always wise to choose your flooring according to the traffic needs of the area to ensure durability for as long as possible.

Choosing a flooring specialist

Check their ratings and reviews

When choosing the have the floors in your home or office upgraded, ensure that you are aware of all the options available to you before you decide which route to follow. You will have no difficulty in finding adverts for reputable flooring specialist companies in magazines, catalogues, newspapers and on the internet. If you have seen a particular type of floor which appeals to you, ask for the name of the specialist company which laid it. Alternatively, ask friends, colleagues or acquaintances if they know of a reputable flooring company in your area.

Customer testimonials for flooring services

Always check personal testimonials from previous clients, or check online reviews if you are searching the internet. Uptasker will provide you with both the names and reviews of specialists in your area, and is a valuable resource in this regard. Discuss your needs and expectations fully with the specialist company you choose, and confirm upfront that timeframes and budget constraints can be met. Installing new flooring can be extremely inconvenient and disruptive and should therefore be completed within a reasonable period of time. A reputable specialist will have no problems in agreeing a definite timeframe in which the job will be completed.

Top flooring tips

Top flooring tips

As the floors beneath our feet are so integral to our daily lives, we need to make certain that they are serviceable and fit for the purpose for which they are intended. For this reason, we should ensure that the floors are laid by reputable specialists who are skilled and experienced in their profession, and will provide many years of use and beauty. Choose wisely, listen to advice and then relax and let the professionals do the hard work. For more tips see our flooring articles.

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