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What can an entertainer help with?

An entertainer is someone who uses his or her talents and skills to entertain others. In most instances, this would be a person who is a professional singer, comedian, ventriloquist, dancer, poet, magician, pianist or other instrumentalist, author, storyteller or similar artiste. Individual entertainers may band together to form acts such as dance groups, musical bands, comedic acts or acrobatic troupes, in which each individual works closely with others in the group to form a complete act.

Why would I need an entertainer?

Liven up your event with an entertainer

Entertainers are the people around whom many functions operate. A magician, for instance, may be the star attraction of many parties, be they birthday, anniversary, or other celebratory events. Magicians, in particular, have the wonderful ability to appeal to all ages, from 6 to 65, and are always popular choices. See Uptasker’s articles on magicians for more information and reviews. At book clubs, a published author may be invited to attend and read some of his or her prose or poetry to the audience, which is also a popular event at book signings, for instance, where one gets the chance to actually talk to the author and take home a personally autographed copy of the book. Although they may not be an immediately obvious choice, an author or storyteller can keep an audience enraptured for hours with readings of their comedic, mystery, horror (think Steven King), poetic or historical written work.

Entertainers bring laughter and fun

There are times when entertainers with many different talents to offer will appear at the same function. A prime example of such an event is the annual Shakespeare under the stars outdoor theatre in Maynardville, which has performed Shakespearean plays under open skies for 62 years. In 2018 and 2019 this classical festival was taken to new heights as the Maynardville Open-Air Festival, and included Shakespearean plays together with additional classical ballet, comedy and symphony performances. This is a subtle but very effective method of introducing children to the classical arts whilst still entertaining them. Whilst children may not necessarily understand “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, for instance, it will bring laughter and fun through deliberate foolery in the play, and easily enchant and entertain them.

Musical entertainers

Weddings, anniversaries and special birthday parties are often celebrated with music supplied by a live band, which adds an unrivalled festive and personal touch to any such occasion. There is nothing better than being able to ask the band to perform a particular song which holds special memories for you or which draws the audience into shared group dances which are remembered long after the evening is over. An entertainer or group of entertainers can be very low-key and lend more of an atmospheric background appeal, for example, lounge singers, pianists, guitarists or harpists who provide a soft musical setting whilst not dominating the function. By the same token, the entertainer can be tasked with drawing the audience’s attention entirely onto the act being performed and creating a focus for the event. It can therefore be seen that entertainers have the ability to fulfil many roles, and their contribution to any function may be specifically geared to suit the occasion. For example, a DJ is another popular musical entertainer.

How to find the right entertainer

Check their ratings and reviews

Entertainers regularly get bookings through word of mouth and are well known in their immediate circles and geographical locations. You may well have seen them performing and know what to expect, together with the “vibe” that they create through their performances. Professional and talented entertainers are a valuable asset when organising special functions, and their reputations will precede them. They may, additionally, advertise their services in newspapers, magazines, booking offices and via the internet, and online searches through sites such as Uptasker will enable you to check their reviews and testimonials from previous clients immediately.

Get the right entertainer for the occasion

Be sure to choose your entertainment for the occasion with careful thought to what atmosphere you are hoping to achieve. Feel free to discuss your expectations and special requests with the entertainer/s prior to the function, and for an evening party, be sure to check when the entertainment will finish so you get the most out of the occasion.

Top entertainer tips

Top entertainer tips

An entertainer can turn a party or special occasion into a memorable event which will be remembered for many years afterwards. We can certainly all organise parties and functions, but an entertainer will bring everyone together in shared enjoyment of the event. For more tips, see our entertainer articles.

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