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Brandmedia Marketing provides ecommerce website developer services in Northcliff, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

We are an award winning company specializing in Web Development, Digital Business Systems, Branding, E-Commerce and more. We work remote to give the best prices possible. Old fashioned good service.

Digital Zoo is a well established and trusted website design company based in Pretoria, South Africa. Our professional web designers offer a wide range of website design packages at an...

We are Big Web Media, a Cape Town-based agency specialising in search engine optimisation, web design and development. We work with all brands, big and small and we want to...

TMJ Solutions provides ecommerce website developer services in Johannesburg, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

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What is an ecommerce website and why do you need one?

The internet has expanded the traditional marketplace to open up an unforeseen huge landscape for selling products and services, generally known as ecommerce. Studies have shown that businesses that sell online as well as through traditional brick and mortar shops can greatly increase their sales revenue. Getting online to sell your products has never been easier, and getting started with an ecommerce website selling products or services and finding the best ecommerce website developer is one of the best decisions you can make to drive your business sales.

Shipping Costs

Whether your business is large or small, having a web presence and providing consumers with the option of purchasing online from you will improve your sales in the long run. Keeping shipping costs low is of course a key factor and there is a large selection of shipping companies that will provide competitive pricing when it comes to shipping, so it is definitely worth your while to shop around and not simply opt for the first ecommerce shipping provider you find.

Types of ecommerce websites

The options for getting your products online are large and varied and greatly depends on what products you are selling. Most small businesses just getting started with ecommerce will choose an option such as WooCommerce or Shopify. If you have an existing WordPress website and wish to expand into selling your products online, WooCommerce is a good choice as it is built on top of WordPress and integrates well with existing WordPress themes and plugins. There are a myriad of plugins (often free) that integrate with WooCommerce: Ticket sales systems, calendar based bookings, etc are all readily available and often free to use. Note that with WooCommerce (and WordPress in general) your developer will need to do quite a lot of theme integration and payment plugin installation and integration work in order to get things completely working. Finding a top ecommerce website developer will be worth every penny in the long run to make the process as smooth as possible.

If you are starting an ecommerce website from scratch, many first time sellers will opt for a service like Shopify or ShopStar or similar, where the coding and payments integration is all done for you. They usually have a large selection of themes to choose from and theme customization is always an option (if one of their prebuilt themes does not suit your needs). The benefits of using an ecommerce solution like this is that it is quick to set up and get going. The customization of the look and feel will be more difficult than with say a WordPress website but the code-less solution is often a very attractive solution to many first time sellers. Note that even though coding requirements are minimal, an ecommerce website developer will still be required to help you get fully set up (things like domain name management, mailing setup, etc still require a lot of technical expertise).
For large scale highly customizable and high traffic ecommerce solutions, sellers will often choose a high-end ecommerce solution such as Magento or, if developer resources are available, a completely custom system built with an MVC architecture such as Laravel/Yii2. Note that going down this route is for high-traffic websites only and costs will be considerably higher. Most first time sellers will start with a WooCommerce/Shopify/simple shopping cart solution and then migrate to a high-scale solution as their traffic and sales grow.

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Ecommerce website development is the first step to driving your online sales to the next level, and getting the right ecommerce developer to help with the task is just as important. On Uptasker you can find the best ecommerce website developers to help you get your online ecommerce presence up and running in no time. Check out the ratings and reviews of the best online shopping site developers to help you get the best and most competitive quotes for your ecommerce store development.

Top ecommerce website developers tips

Top ecommerce website developers tips

Supercharge your store’s online presence by getting quotes from the best ecommerce web developers on Uptasker. Whether you are just starting out with a WooCommerce solution or looking to upgrade your existing ecommerce solution to the next level, you can find ecommerce website developers to suit all your needs. Get quotes from the best ecommerce experts to get your store online and selling today!


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