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What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets: Prettifying the web

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are files used in web applications to control the style and position of your HTML elements. They are such an integral part of websites that a website simply cannot exist without them (technically it can, but it will look very bad). 

CSS developers spend a lot of time making sure colour schemes are correct, legibility is maintained and elements are neatly spaced and laid out in a user friendly way that promotes ease of navigation while maintaining responsiveness (pages that are mobile and tablet friendly).

While anybody can learn CSS - there is no shortage of tutorials online - mastering the art of CSS design takes years (try centering an item vertically for example!). CSS developers are as much artists as they are developers and a good CSS artisan is worth their weight in gold.

A CSS developer can take an existing design in graphic format and slice it up into HTML and CSS for you, thereby creating a theme for your website. If you require a WordPress or other content management system (CMS) theme, make sure to specify this in your requirements as the developer will need to know some PHP programming as well.

A good CSS developer can breathe new life into your existing outdated designs, leaving your site looking like new. Designs for WordPress, Drupal, Magento or a host of other systems are all within a good CSS developer’s toolkit.

CSS Preprocessors

Modern CSS typically involves the use of preprocessors - SCSS and SASS are two such types. They make a CSS developer’s life easier by allowing for nested CSS (.scss files) to be used which is then compiled into standard CSS (which itself does not support nested directives). If this all sounds very technical, don’t worry, you should never have to worry about doing this yourself - the developer will take care of all of this for you (and a bunch of other goodies such as minifying your CSS files for production for faster load times, etc).

Modern UI/UX Design

Good user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are a must these days to keep your users engaged and coming back to your website. Many CSS developers will also have good JavaScript knowledge. JavaScript (combined with CSS) is extremely powerful in making websites interactive and giving the user a rich experience. Most websites now feature at least some kind of JavaScript - make sure your CSS developer has knowledge of JavaScript if your website is to use rich, responsive interaction.

How to find the right CSS developer

Check their reviews and ratings online

While there is no shortage of CSS developers, as with other web development disciplines, finding the right ones with the right skillset will be fundamental for your website to get the look and feel (and functionality) it deserves. A little research by checking out the ratings and reviews of businesses and service providers that offer CSS development will prove to be worth the effort and cost in the long run.

Top CSS Developer Tips

Top CSS Developer Tips

CSS developers can make the difference between a successful website and a mediocre one: Don’t compromise on quality and reap the benefits over time - get a CSS developer to give your website a facelift that will delight your users with a clean new look and feel, making them come back for more every day! 

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