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We fabricate and install Aluminium doors, windows all kinds according to your requirements and design. We also repair and replace glass.

AluGro (PTY) Ltd

Silverton, Pretoria, GP (6.6km from Pretoria)
AluGro (PTY) Ltd provides door installation & repairs services in Silverton, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.
"American Shutters ® offers the best range of affordable, quality Interior & Exterior Shutters and security products expandable security barriers and burglar bars. We've been designing, manufacturing and installing wooden shutters, security shutters and window blinds that are custom-made and offer the widest choice of styles, shapes and finishes to suit just about any window or door for more than 30 years. Call 087 821 6131 for a free measure & quote or visit our showroom now!
Luxury bespoke wooden & aluminium security shutters made to order. You wont be disappointed.
 |  Posted 1 year ago

NMI Kitchens

Daspoort, Pretoria, GP (9.2km from Pretoria)
We do kitchen bedroom installation and wooden floor ceiling and drywall Hanging interior doors Home and office renovations Welding
We thank you Navara for helping us installing our kitchen is so much beautiful
 |  Posted 9 months ago
Swimmings Pool Paving Tiling Building Decking Painting Fencing Garage Door
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We Aim To Provide The Best Friendly Customer Service Like You Are Our Only Customer. We Give The Best Quality Service And Guarantee In Any Job We Do. We supply and install Garage Doors with Motors and Gate Motors. We also do Repairs,Service,Maintenance on any kind of garage doors,Handyman jobs and Electrician jobs.
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My house is being completely renovated and I want to replace the old doors. Is there a specialist who can assist me? 

Whether you are planning on bringing an older property back to its former glory or introducing a modern touch to the building, or simply replacing standard doors which have succumbed to the rigors of time and wear and tear, you will probably need the input of a specialist who knows how to design, construct and hang doors. 

Doors are vital parts of our living and working space

Doors add an element of character to any property, irrespective of its age or purpose. Whether they are bespoke and unique or stock-standard, whether they are of normal size or oversized for maximum impact, and no matter what materials they are made from. Whilst interior doors are usually plain and functional, upgrading their appearance and design will have a definite impact on the overall décor of the home. Installing glass-paned French doors between the living rooms can open up the space and allow for natural light to be shared throughout the space.

Doors naturally serve an extremely important function as access and exit points in all buildings. Doorways provide a means of moving from one room to another, a way of opening communication to all or providing privacy when required. They offer protection from the weather – and from unwanted visitors. In short, doors are an integral and often unappreciated part of our everyday lives.

Why is there a need for specialists to be involved in installing doors?

We need to explore the construction of a door and the framework in which it is housed. The following aspects are all part of a door and doorway :

  • The casing, which is the framework which is situated over the edge of the door frame, and around which the decorative architraves will be built. This is also known as a door lining.
  • The door jamb, which is the flat surface which is situated on both vertical sides of the door frame, and which houses the hinges of the door on one side and the striker plate on the opposite side which contains part of the mechanism which allows you to open, close and lock the door. The striker plate aligns with the handle and lock mechanism on the door itself.
  • The sill, which is the bottom horizontal section of the door which is situated on the floor and, if not flush with the level of the floor, can cause a trip hazard for those passing through the door space. 

The purpose of the door jams and the complete door frame is to provide support for the door and ensure that it opens and closes correctly and fits well within the framework. It is therefore essential that this framework is level and sturdy and able to withstand the constant movement of the door over many years. Door installation and repair specialists are skilled and experienced in all aspects of construction relating to the hanging of doors and the building of the supporting framework.

Why would I need to replace my doors?

There could be any number of reasons why doors – both external and internal – need to be repaired or completely replaced. If they are made of solid wood, the chances are that internal doors will last for many years under the right conditions and if cared for correctly.

However, incidents such as flooding due to a burst geyser or severe weather conditions will definitely cause some form of damage to wooden doors, whether these are solid wood or hollow-core MDF panel doors. Wood expands and warps when it is exposed to wet conditions for any length of time, and after heavy rains you might find the door difficult to open and shut as it expands marginally beyond the frame. This may not necessarily pose a major problem, but external wooden doors, in particular, which are exposed to extremes in weather or are situated on a side of the property which is not adequately sheltered from the weather will ultimately start deteriorating by splitting or warping, or even rotting. Fibreglass doors are an increasingly popular choice for external doorways as this material is sturdy and strong, can be designed to suit any décor, does not warp and can be painted or stained to match almost any colour requirement.

Why can’t I just employ a carpenter to build my new doors?

There is no rule which says that we cannot choose carpenters or metalworkers and glaziers to design new doors for our homes or businesses. There is a common-sense obligation, though, to ensure that the final product works exactly as it should, moves easily, and fits the frame perfectly to keep out draughts and noise. It is important to understand the difference between simply replacing an existing door (known as a slab door) or installing an entirely new support frame and door (a pre-hung door), which is a more complex operation. If you are changing the design of the door, you may well need to invest in both a new door and frame, as hinge and lock-bore positions may be situated in different locations on the doors. Both of these hardware positions must correspond between both the door and the frame in order or the door to align and lock properly. It will obviously be necessary to replace both the door and the frame supporting it if the doorway is being enlarged or made smaller. The older the property and the more use and exposure to hard knocks and weather the doors have experienced, will definitely have a bearing on whether you need to replace just the doors or the whole frame as well as the doors in order to obtain a properly sealed frame. 

There is an art to hanging a door correctly so that it opens and closes correctly, fits the frame snugly and does not rest in a half-way open position because it is not level. From a cost-effectiveness point of view, it would not be worth the expense of having a carpenter make interior doors when these can be bought ready-made from door-manufacturers, hardware stores and timber companies, but if you are going for a totally bespoke wooden door of your own design, the skills of a carpenter would definitely be an advantage.

How do I find the right door installation and repair specialist?

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

It is not difficult to find these specialists, as they have been around for a very long time. Traditional searches will bring up advertisements in House and Home magazines and catalogues, architectural publications, flyers, newspapers, the Yellow Pages, or asking around at reputable hardware or timber merchants. If you prefer to search online, definitely use Uptasker to assist you. This site lists in geographical locations, which makes it easier to find the right specialist closest to you, as well as providing online ratings and customer reviews, where available, which will give you a good idea as to the sort of service delivery and quality you can expect from any particular supplier. Never forget the good old-fashioned route of word-of-mouth referrals either!

Top door installation and repair specialist tips

Top door installation and repair specialist tips

If you are simply wanting to replace one door or change the doors in your property to fit in with a new décor scheme, you need to ensure that the door/s fit well and open and close easily. There is little more irritating than a door which needs to be propped open because it naturally swings into a half-open position in the doorway, which is indicative of a poorly hung door or a door frame which is not level. For your peace of mind, call in the specialists to ensure that everything works as it should and will last for many years of worry-free use. For more tips and information, see Uptasker’s door installation and repair specialist articles.

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