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Phoenix Industrial, Phoenix, KZN
Services ✔ computer eqpt support, maintenance &/or repairs ✔ computer networking

Nuhorizon IT Solutions

Starwood, Phoenix, KZN (3km from Phoenix Industrial)
We at Nuhorizon IT Solutions provide unmatched customer service we provide remote and onsite support at the best prices for all IT related issues hardware and Software support, email support and setup, printer installs and troubleshooting, office 365 support, windows 7,8,10,11 support,home and office network support, router setup and much more give us a call and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Computer Whizz

Durban North, KZN (6.3km from Phoenix Industrial)
Home Computer business aimed at the home user and small business users in and around Durban North and surrounds. Windows 7/8/10/ Operating Systems Office 2007/2013/2016/2019/365 Suites Manually remove viruses, trojan, spyware, and adware. General computer health check. MEMORY/RAM upgrades on desktop computers, laptops, and Apple Mac. Hard drive upgrades for desktop computers, laptops, and Apple Mac. Replace with a fast SSD drive. Video card upgrades for desktop computers. Computer cleaning inside out for desktop computers, laptops, and Apple Mac to prevent over-heating problems. System optimization for Windows-based computers. Upgrade to the latest version of Windows or Mac OS X operating...

Daycom I T Services Pty Ltd

Steelcastle, Newlands West, KZN (6.7km from Phoenix Industrial)
Sales and services to computers Specialised Point of Sale Software Point of Sale Hardware Automation - Gates and Garage doors Access Control Systems Closed Circuit Surveilance Systems Electric Fencing


Durban North, KZN (7.7km from Phoenix Industrial)
DELGO TECH (PTY) LTD was founded in 2020 and we are specialized to provide Managed IT Support services across the Globe. Over the past years, DELGO TECH has grown from its humble beginnings to a flourishing company that services the corporate, industrial, and residential sectors alike. We are a reliable, cost-efficient company that provides a wide range of IT services, from hardware, software, network, and any troubleshooting services.

Computers 4 Us

Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga, KZN (7.9km from Phoenix Industrial)
Our knowledge and passion gives you easy access to sound advice which will enable you to choose the product best suited for you. Our product range includes laptops, desktops, monitors, accessories and electronics. We also offer design, web and digital marketing services.
Computer lessons - computer literacy programme. (No advance payment required) Hands on training. Limited to 8 students per class. Dedicated computer per student. No previous experience required. Commencement date: 01 May 2024 Duration: 3 days Course times: 08h30 - 15h00 Location: Newlands West Meals and refreshments provided. No advance payment required. Payment due on first day of course. Pay on arrival by cash or card Advance EFT payments also accepted Lessons cover:- Basic computer skills Keyboard skills Basic computer troubleshooting Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint Point of sale Basic business accounting Basic networking Internet browsing Internet safety Email accounts...


Umhlanga Rocks, Umhlanga, KZN (8.6km from Phoenix Industrial)
Sales and services of computers and pheripherals, Point of Sale Software and Hardware, Gate and garage door automation, Electric Fencing, CCTV, Access Control Systems, Home automation

Apples 4 Apples

Palmiet, Durban, KZN (10.2km from Phoenix Industrial)
Services ✔ computer supplies & accessories ✔ rentals ✔ sales ✔ computer accessories ✔ computer supplies ✔ computer supplies and accessories ✔ computer eqpt support

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There are very few homes these days which do not have access to the internet in some form or another, and more and more individuals are opting to run their own online businesses from home as the entrepreneurial small business trend gains momentum. The face of business in general is changing to a more mobile and on-the-go business model rather than the static trading platforms which worked so well prior to the advent of the World Wide Web. Whilst mobile business operation is convenient, fast and easy to navigate, it takes specialists to set up online “shopfronts” and ensure that as many systems as possible are automated to allow for a 24/7 buying and selling presence. This is where we need the services of computer and IT specialists.

Home computer systems 

Even if you are only using your computer at home for personal emails, online chats with family and friends through online platforms such as Facebook, Skype, Facetime and Twitter or surfing the web, your computer still needs to be properly linked to a web service provider. This is sometimes more difficult than anticipated, and if more than one computer is linked to the internet, it may be necessary to set up a home network which allows for linked computers to share files, printers or other peripheral devices, as well as the internet connection. This is usually done through a fixed location network within the home, but may also include mobile broadband internet access through cellular networks which allow for connectivity whilst travelling. Many networks, both private and commercial, are connected wirelessly, allowing mobile devices to be used at nearly all points within the range of the network. To ensure that only authorized users are able to use these wireless networks, access is usually restricted to those who have passwords which allow access to the networks. All of this can easily be set up by a computer and IT services specialist. Instead of battling for hours or days yourself to set this system up, it is easier and safer to call in a specialist who knows exactly what he is doing and can also provide advice and the most efficient ways of setting up any network.

Website design and hosting

With the demand for online shopping and more access to suppliers growing all the time, it is becoming clear that an online presence is a valuable asset to commercial enterprises.

Computer and IT specialists may offer website design, hosting, marketing tools and SEO optimisation to provide your business with the maximum online visibility. The design and complexity of a website will depend on the needs it has to fulfil, for instance being able to offer secure online payment options, highly interactive webpages, options to log in and add purchases to a shopping basket which will retain and update the information over repeated log-ins, the facility to view items of interest in more detail, and online customer-care web-chats. For those wanting something more static and simple, a well-designed landing page will draw the interest of the viewer and persuade him to investigate the company further. Whilst we might all have our own view of what will work for us and our business, our ideas may not be feasible, workable or even easy to use, and this is where we need the knowledge, experience and advice of a professional in this field. Even if we take website design out of the equation, online businesses still need to be able to communicate effectively with their own counterparts and partners if they are part of a national or multinational organisation.

How to find the right computer and IT specialist

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

It is would fairly difficult to find someone these days who has not had some form of contact with a computer specialist, from simple setting up of a new computer and linking it with a printer or Wi-Fi connection, to more complex issues of setting up home or office networks and websites. As with all trades, there are different approaches and methodologies employed by computer and IT specialists, even if the end result is the same. You need to choose someone who you feel you can rely on and trust with your computer and all its information, especially if it has to leave your premises for repairs or upgrades. Ask around, and use someone who has been recommended to you by a friend or colleague where possible. Online searches will also provide the names of these specialists, and are of particular value if they can provide online ratings and customer reviews, as with the Uptasker listing and search site. What is also very useful is Uptasker’s listing of suppliers in geographical locations, so you can find an expert where it is convenient for you. Computer and IT specialists may also be found through computer and IT magazines and publications, flyers - especially when offering special deals - newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages.

Top computer and IT specialist tips

Top computer and IT specialist tips

We are all experts in our own particular fields, and just as we rely on our customers to use our knowledge and experience for their needs, we too must learn to acknowledge that we sometimes need to use the services of experts in areas where we simply do not have the skills to cope on our own. Where computers and IT matters are concerned, it is far easier to call in the specialists from the beginning and save ourselves hours or days of needless and often fruitless frustration. For more tips, see our computer and IT specialist articles.

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