Shirl Designs

Shirl Designs

We at Shirl Designs would like to thank you for granting us the opportunity to introduce our company to your organisation.
The management and staff of Shirl Designs strive to provide their customers with a consistent level of superior service and quality products.

In February 2000, a husband and wife sat in a parents meeting at their youngest sons primary school. The HOD of the school said that by the time our youngest son leaves school, he will be unable to find a job but will have to be self-employed.

With no experience of the business world, just the knowledge of the graphic and printing industry, they embarked on an ambitious undertaking to start a graphic design and sign company.

It did not take them very long to realise the long and winding road they were travelling, so they started to set a pace that would at least keep them in business.

Accuracy, Quality and Reliability soon resulted in the steady growth of the company.


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Shirl Designs

Grosvenor, Bluff, KwaZulu-Natal, 4052