Private Chef Anna

Private Chef Anna

Since a young child I have always felt a passion for cooking and trying new things in the kitchen.

I love the flavours and the aromas of infusing fragrances that combine in the air from using fresh ingredients with the right combination of herbs and spices. I enjoy exploring the trending tastes of the future.

After spending years researching and developing food products specifically aimed towards nutrition and food intolerance, I began to feel my heart yearning to return to the kitchen and create magic - the food I love to prepare and serve, my favourite dishes and meals from around the world. I have a flair for the finer tastes and pride myself in creating the extraordinary.

I realised that the only way I would be able to reach this dream was to freelance therefore creating my own unique menus, network with fellow foodies and let them challenge me to try new things and constantly push me beyond my comfort zone.

And, so I became Private Chef Anna.

I think one of life’s greatest priviledges is waking up every morning to live your passion. Mine is in the kitchen and I am blessed to be able to serve those who share in my delight in all things food…


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Private Chef Anna

Nahoon Valley, East London, Eastern Cape, 5241