Practical Solar Solutions

Practical Solar Solutions

Premium Solar and Gas Consultants and Installers
We supply and Install only top quality brands, brand new equipment. No shortcuts EVER!!
Installations all done by experienced installers who are fully accredited with all relevant bodies. Waiting time from order confirmation to start on site 7 days. National footprint means wholesalers prioritize our orders.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a customer hire you over another service provider?

WhyP-S-S? Our products are carefully selected for both quality and durability, making your energy solution trustworthy and reliable. Give us the chance to quote you on the right solution today.

What experience, skills, qualifications or training do you have to make you the right person for the job?

All our installers are registred PV Green Card holders and Licenced to issue Certificate of Compliance

Is there a particular aspect of your trade or industry that you specialise in?

Solar Energy Supply and Install, Gas Geyser and Stove Installation

How do you normally charge for your service?

We have a price per system package which covers supply, installation and certificate of compliance including all guarantees and warranties

What makes your pricing competitive?

We have no middleman - we consult with you and recommend the correct system and install

How can a customer save money before you start the work? Please give 3 tips

1. Ensure that you have a current Certificate of Compliance BEFORE we arrive to install 2. Ensure any trees that may cast shadow on the panels are removed or trimmed so the shadow does not affect panel performance 3. Access to roof, Distribution Board and areas where batteries and inverter are to be installed

What are the typical things that you need to know before you can provide a quote to a customer?

1. Summary of electricity units consumed the last 12 months 2. Your list of ESSENTIAL items that must have power 24/7 3. Your ultimate goal with having solar installed

Are you an insured business and do you guarantee your work?

Yes, all our installation teams are insured and provide guarantees on the installlation itself as well as the equipment installed

What makes you the most reliable and trustworthy person for the job?

P-S-S has been around for a long time. Our aim is to be the best and most trustworthy solar company in South Africa

Practical Solar Solutions

Midrand, Gauteng, 1685