Pave Seal

Pave Seal

Pave seal specialize in renewing surfaces and offer the service of cleaning, repairing and coating with sealants. We will upgrade your Driveway, Concrete pavers, Patios, Roofs, Pool Surrounds. Inside Slasto, Slate, Unglased Tiles.

Pave Seal sealant was designed to withstand UV rays, which is the major cause of cracking and flaking of outdoor applications. Other than bringing out the natural earthy colors of your brick or concrete product, Pave Seal is durable and has non-slip properties, it also prevents the re-growth of green and black algae and wont flake or crack in outside conditions. Pave Seal may be applied to all cement, clay pavers, bricks, unfinished concrete surfaces, roof tiles and metal roofs.


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Pave Seal

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