No Fuss Solutions

No Fuss Solutions

Delivering solutions using Kotlin (Multi-platform, Native) and/or Flutter with Dart on Android, remotely, as a freelance developer. Strong preference for mobile development, focused on Android, but has built some interesting desktop solutions like a 2D CAD application in Swing.

Previously worked in Python, C#, Xamarin, F#, JavaScript (NodeJS), NativeScript, Java (Embedded, Standard, Enterprise), Scala, Swift, C, C++, PHP, HTML5, Pascal, Delphi, Objective-C and Cobol.

Remote work is done via technologies like Slack, Skype, Zoom and Trello.

Past project involvement:
- Payments systems like Postilion
- Social Media apps like Wyzetalk
- Video and media apps like Doozie and Over
- Mobile Games like Juicy Kaboom
- All kinds of fintech things like pension fund and employee benefits managements systems
- An assortment of mobile apps for Android and iOS like HomeKick

Please visit for more insight into what I do.


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No Fuss Solutions

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