Mobi Dog Grooma

Mobi Dog Grooma

Dogs are not all the same, so they react differently to certain scenarios and situations. Some dogs love travelling in a car, but some don’t feel comfortable. Some might be okay with being left with strangers, locked up in a cage while waiting their turn in a walk-in grooming parlor, but some will be stricken with anxiety.

For such reasons we offer dog grooming home service in our fully equipped mobile doggy parlour. You, and most importantly your pooch, will not have to leave the comfort of the home environment. This means mobile dog grooming offers more than just the convenience of you avoiding the traffic, but it is also about the well being of your dog. Our mobile dog grooming parlour ensures less travelling stress and anxiety for your dog and less driving traffic for you as well!


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Mobi Dog Grooma

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, 4001