Jodie Mouton Dietitian

Jodie Mouton Dietitian

A little bit about Jodie...
I guess you could say my love for fitness and nutrition stemmed from my own personal experience. Whilst I was at university studying a Bsc Dietetics degree I unfortunately fell off the rails for a while and immersed myself in partying, drinking and poor eating habits. As a result I gained 10kg within a very short time period and just lost all motivation to eat well and look after myself. One day I just had enough of that, it was time for me to pull up my socks and get myself back into shape and to essentially change my life. After drastically transitioning my lifestyle into one which was based on healthy, plant-based intuitive eating, as well as a regular workout regime, I easily lost all the weight and now am feeling better than I ever have. I knew that coming out of that whole experience, that one of my ‘purposes’ in life was to help people achieve those same things, to help people make the connection between what they are eating and how it affects their body. I always say - you were given ONE BODY, so treat it as best you can!
What Jodie offers:
- Diet consultations in person or online via Skype/email
- Personalised user-friendly meal plans
- Nutrition advice on chronic diseases or eating disorders
- Work out plans and personalised training sessions


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Jodie Mouton Dietitian

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6070