Dogtor Steve

Dogtor Steve

Steve acquired his first puppy ever at the age of 29 (1983), a Tricolor Rough Collie (male - 6 weeks old) and shortly afterwards a Sable Rough Collie (female - 10 months old). In those days all that was available to him regarding pet education was the old `yank and crank' or `leash jerk' methods where dogs obey out of fear. People said his dogs seemed to be `remote controlled' due to their quick responses.
In 1995 he started a small training school and shortly afterwards found out about animal psychology through Dr Melvyn Greenberg, a well known Vet Behaviourist based in Johannesburg. So after a dog training period of 12 years and then a mixture of dog training coupled with psychology, Steve presently only uses psychology based techniques. He says that when he thinks back to the old `fear' based methods to which he subjected his pets, it makes him sad.


  • Gio's review
    Sep 3, 2020
    This man is the RUDEST person I have ever met in my entire life, hands down! Whatever u do, stay away fm him. Arrogant, entitled, full of himself, no consideration for anybody else in the world, a poor excuse for a human being!!!


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Dogtor Steve

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