Centurion Plumbers

Centurion Plumbers

LOCAL efficient plumbers to suit all your plumbing needs. Expected arrival time is an hour or less within the phonecall.
Call or whatsapp webster for any enquiries
__065 537 4548__
Services include

Installation maintenance & repairs of gas geysers
Installation maintenance & repairs of heat pumps
Blocked sewage repairs/unblocking
Blocked drains repairs/unblocking
Inside wall leak detection & repairs
Burst pipe repairs
Leaking pipe repairs
Toilet Installation & repairs
Overflowing toilet repairs
Water continues flowing after flushing? repairs
Shower pipe Installation & repairs
Shower head Installation & repairs
Toilet flushing system Installation & repairs
Blocked toilet repairs
Shower sliding door Installation & repairs
Bathroom Installations renovations & repairs
Inside the wall shower leak detection & repairs
Bathroom tap Installation & repairs
Shower tap Installation & repairs
Sink basin Installation & repairs
Pipe under sink leak repairs
Blocked sink repairs
Connection of washing machines
Washing machine connection leak repairs
Installation repairs pf outside taps
Addition of water points
Outside tap leak repairs
Geyser Installation & repairs
Installation of drip tray on geysers
Geyser not heating up repairs
Sink hot water coming out with low pressure repairs
Toilet leak repairs
Outside burst pipe repairs
Leaking geyser repairs
Underground leaking pipe repairs
Under sink leakage repairs
Outside sink drainage blockage repairs
Installation of waste pipes
Waste pipe blockage repairs
Under sink pipe blockage repair
Modern sink stopper Installation & repairs
Installation of thermostat & element on geysers
Sink not holding tightly to kitchen top repairs
Installation of underground pipes & repairs
Call or whatsapp __065 537 4548_


  • Sali's review
    Jun 9, 2022
    I would love to recommend centurion plumbers for their excellent services and promotions


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Centurion Plumbers

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