Centurion Geyser Pundit

Centurion Geyser Pundit

Installing geyser is a laborious job that requires a lot of work and expertise. However, if you are building or maintaining a home, then the geyser are an integral part of the waste-water system.

Believe it or not, geyser are the lifeline of any plumbing system. They are the primary source of exit for domestic water. Even in case of ceiling flooding, it’s the geyser that keep you safe to some extent. Owing to the nature of how geyser operate, they do require regular maintenance. A busted geyser is a real problem and it should be repaired as soon as possible. Many times a faulty geyser can cause back-flow into the main plumbing lines resulting in flooding of the entire house.

Get in touch with us today, to have your geyser installed correctly or repaired.Sooner or later it happens to all of us and usually at the worst possible time!
If your geyser has burst, is leaking or just needs replacing. Now is as good a time as any to get that leaky geyser fixed before it becomes a major problem.


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Centurion Geyser Pundit

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