CAPE TOWN Cleaner Window

CAPE TOWN Cleaner Window

I had the privilege of buying a window cleaning business (in January 2018) that was started in 2004. I was trained to clean the windows in the same meticulous way they had been doing it all the years. And now with my love for people and the outdoors I have the opportunity to try and grow the business, but not too big! The vision is to keep it small and personal.

My main focus of this business is to build constant lasting relationships with the clients, by providing a reliable service and researching the market for new relevant ideas.
For example; how do we, as people from Cape Town, keep our windows clean and still use less that 50 liters of water a day. That is a bridge that I had to learn to cross and believe that I have found a solution.

My guarantee to you as the client, is that I will always be on site, making sure that the window cleaning service gets done well and that you will not just be another client (and as cheesy as it may sound), but THE Client.


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CAPE TOWN Cleaner Window

Cape Town, Western Cape, 7299