Bundles Of Joy Babysitter

Bundles Of Joy Babysitter

Bundles Of Joy Babysitter provides babysitter services in Karenpark, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience, skills, qualifications or training do you have to make you the right person for the job?

I have been looking after my siblings while my parents were at work. So i have goid experience on how to look after a child.

Is there a particular aspect of your trade or industry that you specialise in?

No i do not hve any particular aspect i specialize in.

How do you normally charge for your service?

I charge by the childs age

What makes your pricing competitive?

It is affordable

Are there any special offers you would like to offer to Uptasker customers?

No i dont have any.

How can a customer save money before you start the work? Please give 3 tips

Plan on how much they are willing to save .

What are the typical things that you need to know before you can provide a quote to a customer?

Their background What tyoe of jobs or career they do.

Are you an insured business and do you guarantee your work?

Yes i guarantee my work

What questions should a customer ask to hire the right service professional?

They should ask the person about theur background to know wgere their employee comes from n what they do.

What makes you the most reliable and trustworthy person for the job?

I am a trust worthy person and hardworking. I am understanding and patient .

Bundles Of Joy Babysitter

Karenpark, Akasia, Gauteng, 0118