Benjea Solar & Heating

Benjea Solar & Heating

Energy and demand is growing exponentially every day in SA. Electricity is increasing at an exponential rate being 50% in the next 3 years which poses significant challenges. Further more load shedding and costs attached to that which is caused by transient surges when power is restored causing damage to your electrical and electronic equipment.

Our goal and vision at Benjea is to provide affordable, reliable, durable and economical clean power to the whole nation.

Affordable energy is a significant aspect to residential, industrial or commercial use. By installing one of our Solar Power Systems would reduce your electricity consumption costs significantly.

We will provide you with all relevant information to make an informed investment decision.

Your proposal will be fully customized, which will include your electrical consumption profile, future tariff increases, return on capital Investment and system yield.


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Benjea Solar & Heating

Crestview, Waterfall, KwaZulu-Natal, 3610