Advanced Water Leak Detection

Advanced Water Leak Detection

We are the leak experts
Technicians provide complete leak surveys on water distribution systems using state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced correlation technology.
Reduce non-revenue water, such as pumping rates and raw water treatment costs.
Reduce liability.
Reduce repair costs.
Avoid system contamination.
Test on both sides of the meter.

We are committed to give you the best water leak detection service that your money can buy.
One team leader per team that stays with the team all the time.
Our prices are the best.
Our teams are equipped with the latest and best water leak detection equipment available.
We spend extra money on training to stay on top of the latest water leak detection technology.
Hundreds on satisfied customers.
Our staff is well trained and experienced in all areas of water leak detection.
Andre Venter is registered as water leak detection specialist.
We do work for various insurance companies and rental agencies and embassies in Pretoria.
Only the best parts and material is used. (SABS approved).


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Advanced Water Leak Detection

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