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Amberfield Window Cleaners

Amberfield Valley, Centurion, GP (8km from Randjespark)
Amberfield Window Cleaners will keep your windows sparkling clean and shining all the time. With our energetic team of young men and women, we always strive for the best result, which is clean and spotless windows. No more dirty, murky and dusty windows. Because your windows will receive regular tender care on a monthly basis. If you need to use our services, click on the blue Request Service button above and complete the form. And we’ll get back to you with a quotation.

Window Gleam Solutions

Fourways, Sandton, GP (16.6km from Randjespark)
Established in 2007 Window Gleam Solutions, provide a professional window cleaning service for all sectors of the market, which include residential, commercial and retail properties. Our coverage area encompasses eleven zones throughout greater Johannesburg and Midrand. We are also pleased to announce that our Tshwane/Centurion agency is now in full operation. External cleaning is executed mainly by the Water Fed Pole, purified water method. Up to four storey level windows are cleaned from the ground using the latest in carbon fibre water fed poles. Internal work is undertaken by the more traditional method, using squeegees and any required accessories. Properties...

Window Radiant

Sandhurst, Sandton, GP (19.2km from Randjespark)
Guarantees That All Our Customers Are Satisfied And We Strive To Consistently Exceed Their Expectations.

The Window Crew

Bramley, Johannesburg, GP (19.4km from Randjespark)
High Clean Windows is a Professional cleaning and Maintenance Company which specializes in commercial window cleaning, high level window cleaning, maintenance, and associated services and products. We have rope access teams for the high-rise buildings which populate Gauteng and are constantly springing up and we use the water-fed pole system with purified water for buildings up to 6 stories. Unless it is absolutely necessary we stay clear of chemicals ensuring our products and services are environmentally friendly and we pride ourselves on our Green credentials. Our rope access and water-fed pole teams operate mainly in the greater Gauteng area but...

Aspen Window Cleaning Services

Marais Steyn Park, Edenvale, GP (19.6km from Randjespark)
Aspen Window Cleaning Services CC has been offering a Professional Window Cleaning Service to the Private, Corporate and Industrial sectors from May 1997. Using various methods of cleaning, from scissor lifts, ladders and rope access, we specialise in a complete and clear solution.

Click Cleaning

Birchleigh, Kempton Park, GP (15.8km from Randjespark)
CLiCK Cleaning specialise in Quick-Dry Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Specialist Rug Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning & on-rail Drape/Blind Cleaning. CLiCK also deep clean Leather, Vinyl, Tiles, Windows, Kitchens, Washrooms & more… All of our Cleaning work is completely Guaranteed, if spots/marks return so do our teams. CLiCK Cleaning are dedicated to offering Superior Cleaning Services at affordable rates, with no hidden costs. CLiCK Cleaning provide free quotes to all Corporate, Commercial & Residential Clients. CLiCK Cleaning use Industrial Grade cleaning equipment ensuring a Deep Clean, our Products are Green Certified/Eco-Friendly which are safe for use around Children & Pets. CLiCK Cleaning...

JH Mashiane Holdings

Alexandra, GP (16.7km from Randjespark)
We pride ourselves for being committed to our customers and treating them with respect for providing the services they requested on time.

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What can window cleaners help with?

Window cleaners are the people to call when you need your outside windows, signage or solar panels to be cleaned. Whether it is for private, commercial, retail, corporate, healthcare or any other sector of the market, and at whatever height your windows are placed, window cleaners are there to keep your windows, signage and solar panels sparkling clean, attractive and functioning to peak performance. It is important to remember that signage is one of your most important advertising aids, and must always be in pristine condition, but cleaning it is not an easy job, particularly in high-level signage.

How do window cleaners work?

Adherence to safety regulations is vital

Before the implementation in South Africa of safety regulations which govern the conditions which must exist for those work is carried out at great heights, window cleaning involved the use of ladders to reach high windows. Stricter regulations are now in place to protect the safety of those whose employment involves working above ground level. For this reason, high-reach window cleaning methodology has had to adapt in order to adhere to these regulations, and traditional cleaning methods are rapidly falling away. An increasingly popular method of cleaning windows up to four storeys - or 12 metres - high or in difficult to reach areas is through an innovative modern Water Fed Pole System (wfps). This system uses de-ionised water fed through a telescopic pole which is manoeuvred from the ground by the window cleaner and produces a quicker and cleaner result. De-ionised water has had the minerals removed from it, has the ability to remove difficult dirt and bird droppings easily, and leaves no residue, spots or stains on surfaces. Because there are no chemicals in de-ionised water, it is not necessary to rinse the surfaces after cleaning, or use drying aids such as cloth, paper or squeegees to ensure that the surface remains streak-free. By adopting the wfps method, potentially dangerous temporary scaffolding or extending ladders are no longer necessary when cleaning the windows of buildings up to four-storeys high, which is also a safety factor for those on the ground below this equipment.

Multi-storey window cleaning

Multi-storey buildings necessarily need a different method of window cleaning due to the immense heights involved. Specialist window cleaning companies have staff who are trained in abseil techniques, rope access, swing stages or elevated work platforms, whilst detailed risk assessments and job safety analyses are carried out prior to any work commencing, especially where new customers are concerned.

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panels have to be kept clean in order to function efficiently, and there are specialist window cleaning companies which offer a professional service for cleaning these delicate items.

Some solar panel cleaners will carry out in-situ assessments of the panels whilst cleaning is undertaken, and advise of any potential problems if noted. No abrasive or chemical cleaners or equipment are used during the cleaning process, and the washing water is softened in order to reduce mineral build-up on the panels. Aerial man-lifts are used by the cleaners to access the solar panels, thus ensuring that appropriate safety measures are taken at all times.

Eco-friendly window cleaning

Window cleaning is now safer, more efficient, eco-friendly and quicker than it was previously. Indoor windows, which are usually dealt with by homeowners or cleaning staff, can be cleaned with ordinary water and polished with microfibre cloths which trap dirt within their fibres without the need for chemicals. It is not common practice to appoint window cleaners to clean indoor windows, although they might be asked to clean the inside of high windows in double-height open spaces or the inside of very high skylights which are not otherwise accessible.

Confidentiality is essential

Due to the nature of their work, window cleaners are necessarily given access to security-controlled buildings and complexes, and must therefore adhere to any rules and regulations which are in force at such sites, as well as being mindful of and protecting their customer’s right to privacy and confidentiality. Although their services are usually confined to the exterior of buildings, window cleaners should aim to be as inconspicuous and quiet as possible so as not to disrupt the normal activities within the buildings or private houses they service.

How to find the right window cleaners

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Window cleaning experts can be found quite easily by looking through home catalogues and magazines, in newspapers, the Yellow Pages or by searching online through sites such as Uptasker. Uptasker has the immediate advantage in that it lists service providers per geographical region, as well as providing access to options which will greatly assist you, such as links to the suppliers’ websites, enabling you to request quotes and listing online ratings and customer reviews, all from one site. When considering the appointment of a new service provider you have not used before, be sure to read their online reviews or check customer testimonials as these give you invaluable information about the supplier’s commitment to service and quality of their products and work, efficiency and adherence to agreed budget and time constraints. The best recommendation is, of course, through word of mouth referral, but if this is not possible, there are always other ways of finding the right window cleaning service for your particular needs.

Top window cleaner tips

Top window cleaner tips

Windows, signage and solar panels all need to be kept clean and functioning to their full potential. Shiny, streak-free windows and signage are a permanent visual advertisement for any business or home owner who cares about his living and working conditions, and clean, well-functioning solar panels help in keeping our electricity costs under control. Professional window cleaning services are our greatest allies in these matters, and our lives would be a lot duller without their contribution. For more tips, see our window cleaner articles.

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