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How can a wallpaper specialist be of help to me?

Wallpaper can provide so much in the corporate, hospitality, health or private environments in terms of communicating their messages and creating a specific atmosphere in their environments. Whilst plain painted walls certainly have their place and cannot be faulted for their impact and simplicity, there are times when something more intricately patterned, elegant or dramatic may be needed. Wallpaper is the perfect solution in such cases, as it is relatively quick and easy for specialists to install, looks professional, and provides a relatively easy solution to various different decorating needs. A wallpaper specialist is the knowledgeable and experienced go-to person who can advise, provide and install any wallpaper for you.

Wallpaper creates drama where needed

Wallpaper creates drama and impact through bold design, colour and even wording. It adds texture through embossed or woven designs, and is an ideal way to disguise a less than perfect wall surface. Whilst wallpaper used to be very fashionable in the Victorian era, it gradually lost much of its appeal over the years, but is steadily gaining popularity once again. Wallpaper is not just about repeating patterns any longer. It is used to cover walls with custom digitally printed life-size scenes such as woodlands, city skylines, panoramic views, historical street scenes and seascapes, to name just a few options. Used in this way, wallpapers are able to open up a relatively small space by tricking the eye into believing that there is far more depth to the room. A wall covered by a view of life-size path through woods, for instance, gives you the impression that you could simply walk onto the path at any time you choose. Some hospitals in the Western Cape have life-size vistas of the winelands, Table Mountain, or peaceful woodland scenes which add a sense of peace and belonging whilst still being in a clinical environment. It is a subtle and gentle method of livening up the space whilst imparting a sense of tranquility and giving the mind something to concentrate on in areas such as waiting rooms.

Wallpaper conveys subliminal and passive advertising messages

Business owners are quickly learning the value that wallpaper adds to their advertising and branding through wording and visuals. Possibly one of the first brands to use targeted wallpaper in their restaurants was the Mugg & Bean, and it certainly worked. The walls told the story of the origins of the brand through black and white or sepia-toned imagery which not only added to the ambience of the chain but entrenched the brand into the minds of the diners. Wallpapers may be specifically manufactured for such purposes, making them both unique and a fantastic passive advertising forum. Wallpapers may also be used to provide a written advertisement of the services offered by a particular company. Whilst waiting for an appointment or to be served, people often look around them and specifically-designed wallpaper can offer a form of non-verbal advertising which is extremely effective.

Traditional Wallpaper

The more traditional forms of wallpaper, which offer a standard repeating pattern over a set area, can also be extremely effective, although more difficult to install professionally because of the need to match patterns correctly. Even if it is only a pattern of brickwork or wooden panels, these need to be correctly matched for an effective and smooth finish. A wallpaper specialist is able to accurately match patterns, and allow for enough wallpaper to ensure that the application is finished professionally. There is nothing worse than running out of wallpaper because pattern-matching was not taken into account, and then not being able to find rolls of the same pattern or from the same batch, resulting in possible variations of colour where two different batches are used. And yes, it shows! 

Buying off-the-shelf versus through a professional

There are a number of stores which sell wallpaper which you can apply yourself, and if you are confident and skilled, you can certainly do this yourself with excellent results. It is important to remember, though, that these stores only offer a small selection, and if you are looking for something specific or unique, or are simply unsure what would work in your space, then you need to find a wallpaper specialist. Not only are these the professionals who will ensure that the end result is perfect, but they also have a wealth of advice, knowledge and a wide range of wallpapers to suit any room. Whilst you may think that a particular pattern would be ideal for your space, for example, a wallpaper specialist is able to better visualise the end result and advise on a pattern which would be more effective and appealing. They may even be able to give you a computer-generated visual of the room using any specific pattern so you can judge whether it is the right choice for you.

How to find the right wallpaper specialist for your needs

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Wallpaper specialists are visual artists in their own field and, as such, are showcasing their products and skills online. They may be found through general internet searches which will take you to wallpaper specialist websites which display their previous work. This is extremely useful as you will be able to view their approach, style and range of options offered, particularly if you are looking for a specialist who can produce bespoke digitally printed wall coverings to suit your individual needs. Uptasker is a great help in carrying out an internet search, particularly as this site lists specialists available in your immediate area, which is a great time-saver. Uptasker also provides online ratings and customer reviews, so you can see immediately how any particular specialist is viewed by clients. Wallpaper specialists may also be found through house and home magazines and brochures, home expos, flyers, newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages.

Top wallpaper specialist tips

Top wallpaper specialist tips

Whether you choose to go for general pattern-repeat wallpaper or a unique digitally-printed wall-covering which is tailored for your specific needs, your best bet would be to approach a specialist in this area. Not only can they provide valuable advice, but they are able to carry the project through from start to finish with a professional product which will look good for years. For more tips, see our wallpaper specialist articles.

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