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CTM Newcastle

Newcastle Central, Newcastle, KZN (2km from Vlam)
CTM is the country’s biggest specialist tile and bathroom retailer by far. Every year we buy enough tiles to tile a pathway right round the world with enough left over to go halfway round again! That kind of buying power means that we can offer a wider selection of products and pass massive savings on to you.

CY Maintenance

Pioneer Park, Newcastle, KZN (3.9km from Vlam)
Services: handyman services, painting, tiling, laminated flooring, drywalling.


Newcastle CBD, Newcastle, KZN (2.1km from Vlam)
We remodel homes. We also start from setting out till handing in keys. We do our best to make you and we take your payments as a token of appreciation. Our goal is not to make money but help you live the life you deserve

Subicorp Construction & Handyman Services

Hutten Heights, Newcastle, KZN (3.3km from Vlam)
Subicorp offers services ranging from basic handyman jobs to erecting steel structures, and a host of grand civil engineering jobs. Its biggest project to date is the refurbishment of the old Falkirk Works, for use by Volvo Trucks. Through solid work ethic and attention to detail, Subicorp has built good relations with its clients, which includes major Newcastle companies: ROC Global, Slagcrete and NiDa. Subicorp is proud to be also associated with the esteemed Vulintaba Country Estate. “Our core motto is to have a high standard on completion of any project. Our work must be top-of-the-range to reflect the trust...

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What can a tiler help with?

A tiler is a specialist in the laying, cutting or shaping and grouting of tiles, primarily on walls and floors. He is able to lay tiles composed of different materials, such as ceramic, granite, slate, clay, marble and glass. He is skilled in the shaping and placement of tiles in decorative patterns, according to instructions provided to him.

What are a tiler’s responsibilities?

A tiler is employed to lay (“adhere”) tiles on the walls and floors of a variety of properties. His main areas of work in residential properties are in kitchens and bathrooms, where he may be required to lay tiles with decorative borders or in specific patterns, which is highly specialised work and requires the services of a skilled and experienced tiler. He is tasked with laying the wall backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms, and sometimes tile countertops, for instance on outside braai areas. He may also be employed to tile other outside areas such as patios or entertainment areas.

Tilers are also employed in construction projects and shops. They are an essential part of any building team in the commercial sector. They are the specialists who lay the tiles in areas such as shopping centres, office premises, restaurants, clinics, hospitals, medical research facilities, hotels, gymnasiums and schools, to mention just a few.

Many areas have both wall and floor tiles, such as public restrooms, operating theatres and surrounds, meat and fish preparation areas and bakeries in shops, cafes and restaurants. Tiles are an important part of many buildings, as they offer higher hygiene capabilities than porous walls, cement and wood finishes, as well as providing a highly decorative background. Because most tiles are made by being baked at high temperatures, they are fragile, easily cracked and broken, and it is a vital part of the tiler’s job to ensure that the surface on which the tiles are to be laid is level, smooth and even. The same preparation is required for natural stone tiles, which are not baked but will also break over time if the tiling surface is not properly prepared.

Choosing the right tiler

Check their ratings and reviews

Whilst it is an easy job to find a tiler from the many advertising their services at the side of the road, it is inadvisable to choose a tiler this way. It is preferable to use a skilled tiler who has been recommended to you by people you know and has a good reputation. Look at the type of work he does, and ask to see his catalogues or photos of his work. For highly specialised tiling work, check the tiler’s reviews online through Uptasker and, if possible, speak to his previous clients.

Top tiling tips

Top tiling tips

Since buying and laying tiles is an expensive and skilled job, rather do it right the first time, and ensure that you select a tiler you can trust to produce a professional result which will last for many years. For more tips, see our tiler articles on the Uptasker blog.

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