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Manufacture, Supply and Install of Trelli Slamlock Gates, Standard Security Gates and Burglar Bars

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Kuruman NC
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Shutters provides shutters & burglar bars services in Goodwood, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

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I want my house to have bespoke windows to make it unique. Who would do this for me?

There are many ways in which a house or, in fact, any building, can be made to stand out from others. One of these ways is through the shape and size of the windows in the structure.

With modern architectural trends becoming more angular in design and making greater use of glass to allow in maximum light, the need for specialists in framing and installing windows is steadily increasing. During the Art Deco period, for instance, which was very popular during the 1920’s - and still has influence today - there was a definite architectural trend which favoured, amongst other decorative features, curved walls and heavy geometric influences such as trapezoidal and triangular shapes, which extended to the shape of the windows.

Sweeping curved walls also called for windows which curved with the shape of the walls, calling for the skills of specialist window manufacturers and installers. 

There are still buildings existing and in use from the Art Deco period, such as the famous Chrysler and Empire State Buildings in New York and, closer to home, the Ansteys Building in Johannesburg and Mutual Heights in Cape Town, amongst many others. Keeping the windows in these buildings in top condition will also, over time, require repairs or even replacement of the entire frame and this will depend on the skills of a window installation and repair specialist.

The windows in my Art Deco style home need to be replaced, but I cannot order them from stock supplies. Who can I call for help? 

Whilst many of the more decorative features of the Art Deco style have since fallen away to a large degree, its sharp angular shapes are still very much in evidence in modern architecture. Whether your home or business premises hail from a bygone or modern era, there is the chance that the windows have been uniquely designed to highlight these lines.

In cases where the building is older and the windows have warped or even rotted due to age and weather, you will definitely need a specialist to replace the whole window frame. A glazier can certainly assist if it is only the glass which needs replacing, but his responsibility does not extend to replacing the frame or repairing damage to that frame. 

I’m remodelling my home and want to install new windows which are different to the existing ones. Do I call a glazier or a window installer?

If you are intending to replace only the glass in your existing window or door frames, a glazier is certainly the person to call, as he can measure, cut and fit new glass to any existing frame. However, if you are installing new windows – including the frames – then you definitely need a specialist to assist. If it is simply a matter of replacing stock sized window frames, there will be no problem in obtaining these, but the matter becomes more complex if you are intending to fit windows which are of an unusual shape or size, or which are fitted at an awkward angle. Many architects now consider glass to be one of the main architectural features in a building (one example of which is the Shard in London, a 72-storey skyscraper which features 11 000 panes of glass, with a total surface area of 56 000 m2 and is the tallest building in the United Kingdom).

Who do I call if I want to change my French doors to sliding doors?

A window installation and repair specialist will certainly fit a new glass door for you, regardless of the style you choose. Whether the door is custom-sized or specifically made to fit an awkward or difficult space, these specialists will make it happen safely and conveniently. They are the specialists to ask for advice if you are unsure what style of door will work best for your needs and safety. They will also advise on the best type of glass to use, particularly if there are children in the house where boisterous ball games could result in a shattered window, and will tailor the frame accordingly.

How do I find the right window installation and repair specialist?

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Window installation and repair specialists are widely available and easily found through their advertisements in newspapers, the Yellow Pages, House and Home magazines, flyers and by attending Home Expos. Builders and architects will also be able to help as many deal with particular specialists in their work. Nowadays, of course, many people use online search engines for their needs, and Uptasker is a great asset in this regard. Not only does it list in geographical locations, but it also provides useful ‘one-click’ links to suppliers’ websites, where available, as well as online ratings and customer reviews, which are a great help in gauging the level of service delivery you can expect from any supplier.

Top window installation and repair specialist tips

Top window installation and repair specialist tips

Installing new windows or replacing old, warped or rotting windows is one of the best ways of keeping your home or business energy-efficient, light and pleasant to live or work in. Windows are extremely important in defining the overall appearance of your home, whether they are standard size windows or unique bespoke frames which reflect the age and individuality of the house. Whether your windows are rectangular, square, round, triangular or any other shape befitting the architecture of the house, you will find a window installation and repair specialist who can manufacture, install and repair the frames required. Your glazier can certainly replace old or cracked glass, but it takes a window-frame specialist to start the process oing right from the start. Don’t be limited by what is readily available when you can let your imagination (or architect) come up with something truly spectacular. For more tips, see Uptasker’s window installation and repair specialist articles.

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Luxury bespoke wooden & aluminium security shutters made to order. You wont be disappointed.

Our Burglar Bars are designed for extra security and Burglar proofing. We offer security solutions for the interior and exterior of your home.

Tyrone Hughes Designs provides shutters & burglar bars services in Poortview AH, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

AJ Projects provides shutters & burglar bars services in Mitchells Plain, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

We supply and install all types of blinds, shutters, security gates, burglar bars, retractable gates and awnings.

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