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ER Thatch Roofs

Onderstepoort, Pretoria, GP (13.5km from Pretoria)
ER Thatch Roofs not only do small thatch roof repairs and construction work. We also focus on larger thatching projects like thatching lodges, venues, game farms, rest camps as well as international.
Be VERY cautious of Rudi Jacobs from ER Thatchers. He is a big liar, ran away with 70% of the money quoted for replacing the roof of my house, hasn’t paid his subcontractors. Less than 50% of the work is done. He says we can try and sue him, he...
 |  Posted 9 months ago
With experience from 1954 we strive to give the best service and workmanship in the roofing industry possible. We give attention to detail, delivering all our products according to the needs of our clients. The attention given to all our projects such as installation, repair and maintenance, produce the best quality roofs in the business. Our experience will always provide the base for the best, honest advice in the roofing industry. Being a leader in the slate roof industry we also lend our attention to other roofing products. We are accredited by Nutec for the installation of cement slate tiles....
Greenhouse tunnels, often referred to as a hoop house or high tunnel greenhouse, are structures made of a pipe frame that is typically covered with a single-layer greenhouse poly film. Its an enclosed space that allows a grower to manipulate conditions to increase yield and pack out rates. Greenhouses also reduce crop damage from climate events and predation. BA commercial Greenhouse tunnels South Africa can be constructed in a range of sizes to suit both small orchards, nurseries and large agri-businesses.

Border Roofing

Arcadia, Pretoria, GP (2.9km from Pretoria)
Border Roofing was started in 1996 by Shane Roberts. It has grown considerably since then, employing eleven permanent people and offering high quality roof repairs, maintenance and roofing services. Co-owner Jacquiline Roberts says “We strive for perfection on all projects performed no matter how big or small.” Now we all know that roofs are a considerable source of stress when they leak or are badly designed. So if you have a roofing problem anywhere in the Eastern Cape then Shane or Jacqueline are the people to get hold of to sort your problems out. Getting the job done properly first...

Rainflow SA

Menlo Park, Pretoria, GP (4km from Pretoria)
Rainflow SA specialises in Fascia Boards, Barge Boards, Rainwater Hopper Heads, Under Eaves Closures, Seamless Gutters, Roof Sheeting. We are proud to have almost two decades of experience in the business of saving our partners and clients’ time and money, while ensuring they get the best possible quality products and outstanding workmanship. Not only are we confident of our past track record, we are also continuously focusing on innovation and development.

Roof and All

Rietfontein, Pretoria, GP (4.4km from Pretoria)
Roof and All is a general Waterproofing and Maintenance Contractor situated in Pretoria and has been providing excellent service to our clients for the past 20 years. We serve the Pretoria and Tshwane area. Our team at Roof and All, pride ourselves on our Service, Integrity and Commitment by making every customer’s needs our own. We provide personal owner supervision and only have permanently employed qualified staff that have been with us for more than 5 years. No casual labour is used.

ATLAS Roofing

Capital Park, Pretoria, GP (5.1km from Pretoria)
Atlas Roofing started with Structural Insulated Panel Roofing Systems in 2006. The first application was for an office block in Pretoria - over steel purlins with suspended ceilings. Since then, Atlas Roofing has successfully completed many SIP roofing installations - each project different and unique. Starting off with a small specialised team of workers, Atlas has grown to have four to five trained teams on various sites, along with offices and a manufacturing facility and warehouse based in Capital Park, Pretoria.

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What do roofing specialists do?

A roofer is the construction specialist who installs and repairs the sloped roofs on new and existing construction projects, both residential and commercial. It is the roofer who is responsible for ensuring that the roof is able to withstand the elements outside and provide protection to those inside the structure. A roof must be completely waterproof and wind-proof in order to serve the purpose for which it is intended. Typically, roofing companies will also provide waterproofing services.

What can a roofing expert help with?

Any building requires a roof in order for it to be weatherproof. The roof must therefore be able to withstand rain, hail, snow, sleet, high winds and sun. Roofs are constructed of various materials, including interlocking slate tiles and aluminium and zinc corrugated sheeting. In buildings with sloped roofs, it is the roofer’s responsibility to erect the “A”-shaped wooden (see our articles on Carpenters for more information) or steel roof trusses, provide waterproofing for them with a covering of thick black plastic sheeting, then expertly lay the tiles or corrugated sheeting over everything. In properties which are situated very close to the coast and are more susceptible to rust from corrosive salt air, the roofer is responsible for ensuring that an aluminium roof has a lower zinc content than those used inland in order to make it more durable. Regardless of the type of roof covering, any spot on the roof which has a joint, chimney, pipe or skylight which has the potential to leak, has to have additional material called ‘flashing’ to seal and waterproof the area. Your roofer is the expert at placing this flashing, and this should not be left to an unskilled contractor.

It must be noted that a roofer is not responsible for preparing and laying thatched roofing, which is a specialised field of its own. Similarly, a roofer will not be tasked with the roofing of flat-roofed structures, where the roofs are strengthened and covered with concrete, and fall within the builder’s responsibilities.

The gutters and downpipes which line the edges of a roof and carry water from the roof into specific areas, do not fall within the responsibilities of the roofer. The builder will attend to this (see builders section).

Finding the right roofing specialist

A roofer must, first and foremost, be able to cope with heights as his job places him at the highest point of any construction project. A roofer’s job is potentially dangerous due to the heights at which he works, and there is always the possibility of slipping, tripping or falling, so he should take the necessary safety precautions such as wearing a safety harness. He must be physically strong and have plenty of stamina, as his job involves working with heavy tiles or large aluminium sheets, bending, stooping and kneeling on the roof surfaces. He needs to have a good sense of balance as he is working on sloping surfaces, and be able to work in both extreme heat and very cold conditions. His job places him outside in all kinds of weather, and there is no shelter for him on an exposed roof.

Check their reviews and ratings

Always use a qualified and experienced roofer for your needs. Builders will usually work with roofers they know and have worked with before, and they will arrange for the services of their preferred roofer. However, if you are looking for a roofer to repair a leaking roof or have a small project you are overseeing yourself, make sure that you ask for recommendations before appointing a roofer. An unskilled or inexperienced roofer will probably not be able to carry out the job satisfactorily, and you might well find yourself having to engage another roofer to re-do the job. Always check their online reviews through Uptasker before choosing a roofer yourself, to be sure that you will be getting the services of an experienced and skilled worker who will work efficiently and carefully. In addition, make sure that all costs are covered in the initial quotation, to avoid further expenses as the project progresses.

Top roofing tips

Top roofing tips

A well constructed roof will ensure that the interior of the building it covers will be impervious to weather conditions outside, and therefore be warm in winter, dry during wet weather and cool during the hot summer months, with no unwanted leaks, draughts or damp patches appearing on the top of walls or ceilings from an imperfectly sealed roof. Always choose wisely when employing these specialists and appreciate their worth. For more tips, see our roofer articles.

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